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Rumored Alias(es): Gabriel Black, Simon Grimwald, "Bryan the Anarch", Gabriel al-Hassan, Xavier Sharpe, "The Angel of Indianapolis"

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: mid to late 20s

Concept: Driven Explorer

Physical description:
Xavier appeared to be a distinguished man with long black hair and golden serpent's eyes. (Though some say his eyes were black.) Muscular, wiry and prone to sniffing out the air with a snake's tongue when no one was looking, Xavier's favourite styles of dress were either a plan white Egyptian-cotton shirt and jeans or a black bespoke suit, often he'd go barefoot no matter what he was wearing. His features betray a middle eastern ancestry. He was occasionally prone to wearing elaborate makeup or henna tattoos depending on the occasion. He's known to also have had a back of golden-green serpent's scales.

Despite being a public adherent of the Path of Lilith, Xavier almost always appeared very humane.

[OOC for Setite PCs only: Xavier had Clan Friendship: Follower of Set for his determination to overthrow the Archons and test those around him.]

Character Information

Xavier Murdoch was first acknowledged by Prince Rose Monarch of Cincinnati in late 1995. Despite persistent rumors that he was an Assamite attempting to infiltrate the Gangrel, he quickly became one of the most enduring and influential members of that bloodline in the Queen City. He served many of Cincinnati's Princes in many roles and quickly rose to power there. Perhaps most infamously, he is rumored to have begun a "relationship" with Selene Lazarion during this period. Eventually, after surviving his apparent death in Chicago, he traveled for some time and then found himself in slumbering in toropor.

He eventually woke and joined Michael Heartsblood, Abigail Willoughby, Cicero, Deidre Cassidy, Matty Evans, Orion, and Kurran DeSylvia in attempting to drive the Sabbat Presence from Columbus, Ohio. After succeeding, they became known, briefly, as the "Unity Coterie" and attempted to legitimize the Gangrel presence in the Camarilla.

Eventually Xavier claimed Praxis of Indianapolis, Indiana from Fredrick Steinhauer and ruled there for some time. He eventually engineered the passing of the title from himself to the Ventrue, Thomas Villcroix so that he could pursue his personal goals. Shortly thereafter he was involved in the death of the Red Listed Gabriel Camaratta and was rumored to have been become an Alastor. What is confirmed is that he entered into the employ of Warlord Karsh at that time and he spoke with Karsh's standing on several occasions. Soon, however, he ended up in the employ of Justicar DiZagreb as an Archon.

While in DiZagreb's service, Xavier Murdoch vanished, leaving behind only rumors of a suicidal dawn leap from the Chase Banktower in downtown Indianapolis.


During his life, Xavier belonged to several coteries. He was a known associate of the late Arcades Deimos and his bloodline. He was also a known member of William Prescott coterie, including Jonothan Cameron and Simon St. Claire and there was the previously mentioned "Unity Coterie". He was also a known member of a traveling group of Ba'hari based - at the time - out of Chicago.



...and a lot of other very, very, very dead people.


Known Progeny

Rumors About Xavier Murdoch

  • Xavier Murdoch and Selene Lazarion were lovers.
  • Xavier was part of a 'pack' with Michael Heartsblood, Selene Lazarion, Jobe le Sainte, and Matty Evans.
  • Xavier once skinned and varnished an Archon before maling him back to his Justicar.
  • Xavier killed Gabriel Camaratta and was made an Alastor.
  • Xavier was an infernalist.
  • Xavier was Sabbat.
  • Xavier was a member of a gehenna cult.
  • Xavier was romantically attached to Lucita y Aragon.
  • Xavier was romantically attached to Madame Guil.
  • Xavier was romantically attached to Ramona.
  • Xavier once "married into" the Giovanni and that branch of the family quickly vanished and has never been seen again.
  • Xavier was romantically attached to Jonothan Cameron.
  • Xavier had Lucifer on Speed Dial.
  • Xavier was romantically attached to Justicar Lucinde.
  • Xavier was romantically attached to Isidora de la Corte
  • Xavier was a giant whore.
  • Xavier was seen fighting an elder kindred in Cincinnati over a year after his "death".
  • Xavier can be summoned by an ancient ritual in times of need.
  • Xavier can be summoned by speaking his name 3 times into a mirror. Ohhh, spoookkyyy.
  • Xavier had 2 sets of testicles. "So divine!"
  • Xavier tried and failed to take the Gangrel Justicar's seat... but he failed and lived to tell about it.
  • Xavier wasn't Kindred.
  • Xavier's eyes were as black as the abyss and he had functional black wings.
  • Xavier was an alias used by 3 kindred.
  • Xavier faked his death, cured his Curse and lives as a mortal running a bar in Panama.


  • "Gabriel" - Lamb
  • "Sail" - AWOLNation
  • "Dark Angel" - VNV Nation
  • "Running Up That Hill" - Placebo
  • "King of Everything" - Anarchy Club
  • "Megalomaniac" - Incubus
  • "Angel of the Morning" - Nina Simone
  • "Bombs over Baghdad" - Outkast & RATM
  • "The Night" - Voltaire
  • "The Man Comes Around" - Johnny Cash
  • "Long Hard Road Out of Hell" - Marilyn Manson

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