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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status Under Accounting
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Erik Jensen


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Alias(es): Jeremiah Knox
Real Name: Massimo Murgia
Apparent Age: mid-thirties
Concept: Puss In Boots
Physical description: Wiry, with longish brown hair and beard.
Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Once known as Knox, Vermilion spent centuries as a ghoul to Thomas Milton, an elder Toreador of Philadelphia. Upon Milton's destruction, Knox came into the service of Evelyn Landrake for several years before Luther Rommell saw fit to embrace him.

Calling himself Vermilion, this ostensible neonate is having a difficult time adjusting to the expectations of some of his fellow Gangrel; and even more issues in respecting the young kindred by whom he is surrounded. Vermilion catches a lot of flak for being a former Toreador ghoul, but he is a skilled painter with a quick wit - he may have to deliberately manifest bestial traits to get some Baltimore kindred to admit he's a Gangrel.



Luther Rommell (presumed)
Brian Kalo (presumed)



Luther Rommell




None known.

Character Inspirations


"Waiting For The End", Linkin Park
"Lights Out", Breaking Benjamin


"No, you're wrong. Being Gangrel isn't about combat, it's about freedom."

"Being a peripatetic predator is not an acceptable excuse for dressing like a goddamn hobo."

"I'd say the room is full of children, but children are far less cowardly."

"The question isn't whether you can best me, Luther. That's a given. The question is what can I make it cost you to do so."


Vermilion isn't Gangrel - he's either some weird caitiff, or he's actually Evelyn's childe.

Vermilion's former regnant had a habit of completely mindwiping him every century or so for good measure.

Vermilion is dangerously insane but hides it masterfully.

Vermilion is addicted to marijuana, cocaine, alcohol and the ladies.