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*Cheshire Cat
*Cheshire Cat
*Freddie Trumper
*Freddie Trumper
*True Thomas, the Bard*
*True Thomas, the Bard

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Clan Malkavian
Position Archon
Status 6 + 2
Domain Portland, Maine
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 000
Player Brian McAloon



In his darker days...

Alias(es): None known

Real Name: Long forgotten...

Apparent Age: Late 20's

Concept: Recovering amnesiac

Physical description: Thin, with dark circles under his eyes. Short, dark hair, often unkempt and messy.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Benedic, Las Vegas
  • Loyal by Alaric Dragoon
  • Valiant by Primogen Lyanna Caeg
  • Relentless by Prince Jerry Bonard
  • Brave by Prince Andrea McDermott
  • Ingenious by Colette Green, Primogen of Baltimore
  • Feared by Position
  • Empowered by Position

Character Information

Known History

For many years, his earliest memory was in a Las Vegas asylum, bound in restraints, near frenzy, cared for by his Primogen. In moments of lucidity, he would try to remember the face of his caretaker, but it would always fade and escape him...over time, Thomas began to have longer and longer periods of lucidity. He was brought before the Prince, who Acknowledged him as a member of the Ivory Tower in September of 2002. Shortly after, Thomas destroyed a Brujah neonate who was abusing his ghoul, a young girl named Vanessa. As punishment, Thomas was exiled from the domain and told never to return. The ghoul was to be destroyed, until Thomas pleaded to allow him to take her with him. Together, Vanessa and Thomas travelled to Portland, ME. They spent many days in railroad cars, or car trunks. Vanessa was a perfect match for Thomas...his sadistic tendencies and her masochistic streak were seemingly bottomless. She didn't even mind Thomas fits of madness, when he would descend into near catatonia, draggin ghis fingernails over the wood and carpeting.
Once in Portland, Thomas quickly rose through the ranks of the local Kooks, and showed an aptitude for politics. With the assistance of his clanmates, he staged a mostly peaceful coup of the Malkavian Primogen in 2007. He held the position firmly, out of a mixture of fear and respect. He hit rockbottom, however when he accidentally murdered his beloved Vanessa. With that, he began a slow process of coming back from the edge of Wassail.
Taking a break from the Primogenship in 2011 to focus on his personal development, Thomas began to visit his cousins across the country, seeking for his true place in the world. It seems that his place is back in Portland. Local clan leadership fell short, and Thomas took the position back in April of 2013.

In late 2014, he was called to Wales and recruited to the Malkavian Justicar's office as an Archon to Maris Streck.





Presumed Deceased, and long forgotten.




None known

Character Inspirations

  • Mad Hatter
  • The Machinist
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Freddie Trumper
  • True Thomas, the Bard


  • Pity the Child from Chess
  • Frozen by Madonna


  • "He's a brilliant lunatic and you can't tell which way he'll jump -- like his game, he's impossible to analyze -- you can't dissect him, predict him -- which of course means he isn't a lunatic at all." -From Chess
  • "Um....is he all right?" "Oh, that's just Thomas...he just sort of does that sometimes..." -overheard in Elysium many, many times.
  • "Thomas? He's about the only Malk I'd take with me to a fight. How many other kooks do you know just charge right in with a meat cleaver all the while laughing hysterically?" -A local Brujah on his opinion of those who can fight for the Domain of Portland


  • He's a lot older than people think he is.
  • He has a singular hatred for Malkavian Antitribu.
  • Tony Maietta murdered a Malk in Portland just to piss Thomas off.