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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 1
Domain Griffin, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Matthew Piro


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Alias(es):This One, It, Its, Santo

Real Name: Its Name has been Lost to Maddness

Apparent Age: 20

Concept: A survivor of being a Malkavian project

Physical description:

Detailed Status:
Santo was Acknowledged by Prince Pompeii Magnus in mid 2016

Character Information

Known History

This One was abandoned by its creator and now has had to come in to the world to continue it existance.







Character Inspirations

Lana Winters From AHS Asylum

Kit Walker From AHS Asylum

Valentine Michael Smith Main Character in Stranger in a strange land


Mad World - Gary Jules

Torture (from "Voices of Light") - Richard Einhorn -

Black Acres - Elysian Fields

Dream Within A Dream - Elysian Fields

Delusional - Nightcore

World So Cold - Nightcore

Salt In The Wound [Request] - Nightcore

Ghost - Ella Henderson

Shadowland - The Lion King Broadway(lyrics)

Flood - Jars Of Clay

Faith like a child- Jars of Clay

Art in Me - Jars of Clay


This One is called Santo


  • This One has been boxed for violating the Traditions in Griffin.
  • Santo was in some kind of relationship with Corkie Pelligrino.
    • It must not have gone well. She refused to arrange his Hospitality in Atlanta.
  • Santo's childe is an Archbishop of the Sabbat.