Sebastian Wagner Guillen Matado

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Clan Toreador
Position none
Status 1
Domain Parahyba, Brazil
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 00
Player Priore



Capitão, Dr.Matado, Sebastian

Real Name: Sebastian Wagner Guillen Matado

Apparent Age: 40

Concept: Oficial Doctor

Physical description: Sebastian is a handsome man of military build and very athletic. He wears a little longer hair and has a lot of tattoos. Slightly gray hair and green eyes. Usually wears medical clothes or fine sports.

It has more than 1.80 meters and weighs almost 100 kilos.

Detailed Status:

OOC: For the use of the ability Politics

  • Acknowledged by (Dolce La Fontaine), Waterloo, France, 1920.

    Character Information

    Known History

    Lord Matado’s youngest child. Sebastian is known to be a war veteran, where he served for many years at the British Royal Company, serving as a Medical Officer and explosives specialist. After the First World War, he was embraced and left his detachment, where he traveled with the British fleet to Natal, in Brazil. He was educated in Kainite knowledge and went on to further study in Europe and Asia. Fluent in more than 20 languages, he became a translator and interpreter, in addition to following his vocation to help war victims and the most needy. He studied Biochemistry and specialized in Clinical Analysis. He is notorious in anatomy, interrogation and torture, skills gained in China. He returned to Natal in mid-2020, where he was allocated in the Xerifado da Cidade. He started to study Mechanics, Engineering and Forge. He is one of the largest builders and engineers in the region.




    • Risadinha, Natal and Forth North, Brazil.
    • Nemo, Natal and Forth North, Brazil.
    • Lionel di Medici, Deputy of Natal and Forth North, Brazil.
    • Hughes de Saint'Omer, Natal and Forth North, Brazil.
    • Sophie de La Vega, Primogen of Natal and Forth North, Brazil.
    • Theodore Campbell, Natal and Forth North, Brazil.



  • Lord Magnus Van Eick Matado, Elder of Natal and Forth North



  • Lady Victoria Matado, Prince of Natal and Forth North, destroyed
  • Jean-Luck Matado, Harpy of Natal and Forth North

    Character Inspirations

  • Dr.John Wattson.
  • Prof.Nicola Tesla.
  • Dr.Hannibal Lecter.



  • "Hummm. Show-me. I can make better."