Samuel Jordan

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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 2
Domain Sandusky, OH
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Harmony ???
Player Richard "Bullseye" Hollander


Upload He doesn't dress like this any more, but he's still got the sunglasses.


Real Name: Samuel Jordan

Apparent Age: mid-20s

Concept: hiker

Physical description: White male with sideburns, sunglasses, and a little cross necklace made of rope. Usually wears jeans and t-shirts, has a Crafts x5 suit for special occasions. Uses Mask to cover his lack of Humanity, but it still shows in his body language. The picture is from 2004; he doesn't wear the bandana or gloves anymore.

Animal forms are Red Wolf and American Crow.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Alex Silverson of Birmingham, Alabama
  • Reliable by word of Prince Charles McMillan of Atlanta, Georgia

Character Information

Known History

Embraced Independent; joined the Camarilla in order to fight the Sabbat.







Character Inspirations



Someone else: "I like children."
Sam: "You shouldn't feed from children. It stunts their growth, and then you get small adults, and no one wants that."

Sam is with a group of Toreador who decide to call the Prince on speaker phone after going to a club.
Prince Brian Faulkner: "Are you drunk?"
Toreador 1: "No!"
Toreador 2: "Who? Us?"
Toreador 3: "No, of course not."
Sam: "I'm a little drunk."


  • He has a magical ability that compels others to save him when he falls into torpor.
  • Sam is the most honest Kindred you will ever meet.
  • Sam is forbidden from ever siring childer again.
  • Sam completely lacks a sense of humor.