Robert Paulson

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Clan Ventrue
Position Primogen
Status 4+1
Domain Los Angeles
Coterie unknown
Society none
Path Humanity 00
Player Shane West


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Alias(es): Bob

Real Name: Robert Joseph Paulson

Apparent Age: 32

Concept: Financial Broker

Physical description: Brown hair, blue eyes, of an average height, always dressed in 3 piece business suits.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged x 1 (Former Prince Patron)
Astute x 1 (Prince Ethan Neumann)
Guardian of the Domain x 1 (Prince Ethan Neumann)
Respected x 1 (By Lineage)
Revered x 1 (Primogen)

Character Information

Known History

Robert Paulson was born in San Francisco, and embraced some time in the late 1970's. His sire, Alejandro Patron, brought him through and to the acknowledgement of the Camarilla. After spending some time traveling the world, looking for a place to set down his own roots, Paulson finally settled in Los Angeles, where he quickly rose from just an every day peon to the Primogen for Clan Ventrue. Paulson takes charge when direction is needed, and has taken the point of being the Voice for the Primogen Council once decisions have been reached. He spends most of his time monitoring the comings and goings of the gatherings, and is almost always seen with a clipboard in hand, taking notes for what purpose, no one really knows.


No known Coteries


Maybelline Howe
Merek "The Blade"


No known enemies


Alejandro Patron




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Character Inspirations

The Master


The Unforgiven



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  • Competing with Daddy Deems in who is hotter when disappointed in their clan mates.
  • Hates the Giovanni of Los Angeles simply because they are the only ones to be able to out buy him.
  • Pretends he hates Jeremy Reiner, but we all know it's a farce.
  • Frequently has flirt competitions with Keeper Maybelline Howe but neither of them will actually touch each other with a 10 foot pole.