Quinn Lionsigh

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Clan Tremere
Position Harpy+Fury
Status 6+2+6
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Jesse


Quinn Lionsigh

Opie, Lionsigh

Real Name: Quinn Lionsigh

Apparent Age: 28


Physical description: 220lbs, 5ft 11in, bald with a beard.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

He currently serves Prince Gunn's primogen counsel as Harpy and can be seen attending regional and national gatherings throughout the Midwest and occasionally the East Coast. Career adviser and firm middle management aside, a geologist by hobby and trade, it's clear that Quinn, at one point or another, had either some armed services background or mercenary work in the past, he had made an appearance in Columbus in 2011-ish with seven other individuals, all are deceased or missing since then, some speculation around where they went circled around the surviving member, but quickly were most forgotten to the court and the national circles.

Having made numerous public appearances as Lesser Harpy during Conclaves or national gathers, he had a reputation for being practical but occasionally a hardliner on Camarilla laws, even to his own detriment at times.

Commonly observed with a resting air of disapproval, he quickly smiles and makes easy conversation. After taking numerous years off from attending significant national gatherings, Lionsigh reappeared at Glitter and Gloom 2023, where he summarily decided life was not harsh enough and was appointed Fury to Harridan Fletcher.

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None, but there is speculation.



So damned many, mostly his cousins.


Nobody of significance.


No children; thank god.


None he's aware of.

Character Inspirations

  • William "Bill" Lumbergh
  • Reno from FFVII

That annoying father everybody has in their teenage years.


Have a playlist


"Cocaine Bear. We're calling him Cocaine Bear."

"It's fine... I'm lying, it's definitely not fine."

"Despite all your best efforts, you have not yet managed to burn this clan to the ground."


  • Rumored to have been a Toreador ghoul at one point, given his affinity for crafting bikes and other machines.
  • Has sold numerous very expensive motorcycles during large gatherings, prices ranging into the hundreds of millions.
  • HATES #hashtags.
  • He likes dismembering Brujah.
  • Gets his hands on quality weapons and will barter
  • Loves to clean his nails.
  • Fucking hates puns.
  • Forgets to check in on his Toreador girlfriend.
  • What girlfriend?
  • Has been Harpy for too long, it's showing.
  • At times has been witnessed missing various appendages... An eye, a thumb, an entire hand, they're sore topics.
  • During uncomfortable situations busts out inappropriate rock jokes.
  • Is surprisingly good with a potter wheel
  • Has sworn off setting foot in a Winnebago ever again.
  • Loves erratics
  • He has a love-hate relationship with rocks, especially sentient rocks
  • Secretly enjoys being the dude in charge in Tremere-land even though he incessantly bitches about it.*
  • Since his appointment to Fury, Lionsigh is no longer allowed to teabag Methuselahs, socially or literally, without explicit permission from the Harridan
  • Is somehow still a Harpy? It's confusing.
  • Rumored to enjoy setting up Ali Marwan for chaos
  • Has a soft spot for African Greys
  • Ask him about his sweet rock collection
  • Carries around a large piece of shist wrapped in a mauve cable-knit sweater, cradled in an arm like an emotional support teddy bear.