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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 2+1
Domain St. Augustine, FL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity -
Player Brad


Joe at his workstation

Real Name: Joseph

Apparent Age: 33.25 yrs

Concept: Demonstrates Absurdity by Being Absurd

Physical description: Anyone can tell by looking at him, that Joe is obviously 33 and 3 months old. He is of average height, 5 ft 8 in and even though he is not very old, his hair is already beginning to visibly grey. Having spent many years pouring over show research and sitting behind a microphone gulping down frozen slushies from the Seven Eleven, his stomach protrudes over the front of his pants, otherwise known as a "front-butt". Joe has never been known for being physically gifted, in fact you could say that he was rather flaccid.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Sovereign Prince Kelly of Lehigh Valley, PA (2014)
  • Euphonious by then Prince Vincenzo Rosati
  • Dignified as Dignitary of the Camarilla

Character Information

Known History

Joseph served a 13 yr sentence as a radio talk show host in Syracuse, NY hosting the not so popular "Mournin' Joe" where he delivered all the news fit for the clinically depressed about the stock market. He was fired when it was discovered that his paperwork was not properly filled out and filed.

After Joe's Sire was absent from Court for a few weeks, rumors began, claiming that he died Joseph, still being under Samuel's Accounting and only having official Hospitality in one city, fled to Lakeland, FL. There, Joe was granted his Acknowledgement by Kenneth Mardym, who mysteriously died in the following weeks after Joey's Sire Samuel returned. Samuel immediately began claiming Joseph didn't deserve his Acknowledgment, which he attempted to demonstrate at every opportunity.

After months of enduring beratement and ridicule, Joe was able to overcome the ire of his progenitor, prompting Samuel to arrange for a more respectable (despite being slightly questionable) Acknowledgment by Sovereign Prince Kelly.

On December 12, 2014 after the successful Praxis claim of St. Augustine by Christine Strauss, Joe began following in his Sire's footsteps serving as the Keeper of Elysium in St. Augustine.


Not any known to Joey.



Character Inspirations

Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.
Joe Gould from Cinderella Man
Howard Stern



"I don't think you understand... I'm the chief of police."


  • Was traded to the Prince of Milwaukee for sexual favors during Midwinter in exchange for ... some unknown political goal of clan Malkavian.
  • Has his eye on all the tire shops in St. Augustine, which are likely the hiding place of Abyssal entities.
  • Immune to tazers.
  • Is the one true king of St. Augustine.
  • Once claimed that his Sire, Sammy the Sabbat Slayer, wore him like a rubber glove.