Jaroslav Pascek

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Clan Brujah
Position Former Justicar
Status 5
Domain Prague, Czech Republic
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Brujah Coordinator


Jaroslav Pascek ~ Brujah Justicar

Real Name: Jaroslav Pascek.

Apparent Age: Late 20s.

Concept: Judge.

Physical description: Jaroslav has simple tastes. When he is on “official business,” he wears a conservative suit cut in English fashion, with a single white orchid in his lapel. When moving in on a target, he strikes and is gone so quickly, no one can tell what he is wearing. Jaroslav has sandy hair and piercing hazel eyes. He stands at just over five feet and has surprisingly delicate hands.

Personal Status: 5

  • Acknowledged
  • Feared
  • Resourceful
  • Well-Connected
  • Well-Known

Reputation: Zealot

Character Information

Known History

In May of 2018, Pascek was Bloodhunted in the Domain of San Francisco for his violation of Elysium and murder of a Kuei-Jin Mandarin.

Former Archons and Agents of the Brujah Office




  • Justcar Pascek upholds Former Justicar Masako's Edicts.
  • "Revealing your true nature to those not of the blood is in breach of the Masquerade."
  • "It is decreed that all known Sabbat members shall be immediately stripped of all Camarilla status for their betrayal as our continued enemy sect. All those that find within their hearts sympathy or succor for each kindred -- whether in the regranting of their lost glory by affirmation, or in bearing the prestige of the Sabbat sect - shall be likewise punished. To wit, any Camarilla kindred found to violate this Decree shall be stripped of all status, including Acknowledgment, forthwith. It is the burning intent of the Justicariate to eliminate free association with the Sabbat and Sabbat-Sympathizers and recruiters. As is known, the complete loss of status is likened to a death sentence, since a kindred's own influence and power amongst kindred society is null and impotent. For Camarilla kindred to fratanize with those that bear the stigma of the Blood Hunt is tantamount to a taint that none will wish to endure."
  • "No creature that can claim membership in the Sabbat rebellion shall bear the honor of any form of recognition in our noble society. Those who can claim membership in the Sabbat are fallen and damned in the eyes of the Justicariate. From this night onward, any Camarilla member who knowingly associates with a member of the Sabbat will be removed of all their standing and put to death as a traitor to their sect and blood. Let none allow their minds to be influenced by the vile temptations of the Sabbat, who by their very nature corrupt and defile all things that we hold sacred. Let free association with the Sabbat, Sabbat-sympathizers, and recruiters be scourged from the Camarilla."
  • "In concurrence with the precedent set by fellow Justicars, it is decreed that those who possess the discipline known as 'Obtenebration' must possess it with the blessings of the Lasombra Herald. Should an individual be found in want of said blessing, or previous registration, it is recommended that they be presented to the Lasombra Herald for judgment."
  • "Our offices have brought into service Archon Oliver Freigh, should one discover an individual possessing either Vicissitude or unregistered Obtenebration; they are to report it to Archon Oliver Freigh at once."



The Sabbat


  • "There can be no peace until every last Sabbat member is put to the sword, let us hasten that day."
  • "One of us counts, or none of us count, Standing doesn’t matter." - 2018 San Francisco Judicial Conclave


  • While Justicar Pascek accepts a variety of gifts, he's secretly fond of weapons, explosives, and WMD's.
  • Justicar Pascek holds all of his Archons and staff to the highest standards of integrity, spirituality, and ethics.
  • Despite his opinions on the Followers of Set, Justicar Pascek employs a number of Setite Archons
  • Justicar Pascek is not above throwing the occasional bit of outsource work to up and comers who demonstrate themselves competent.
  • He values edicts over the Traditions.
  • He is proof that the Inner Council is either dead, disbanded, or grown utterly disinterested
  • Has been yelled at by clan mates over the lack of integrity, spirituality and ethics in his choice of Archons.
  • Has been pre-paid by several Clans to look the other way when their token Archons abuse their authority.
  • Lives in a constant state of panic and fear in no small measure to the fact that if he did not he would be ripped to shreds the moment he stepped out on his own.
  • Has done more harm to the Camarilla since being named Justicar than all of the Sabbat combined.
    • "Dudes! Remember how we said that there was totally this huge threat, and we had to sacrifice what we believed in and get in bed with the guys that we said we really hated and only want to kill us? Well, now that the really huge threat was totally beat down because we're awesome and didn't need them, we suddenly discovered we got crabs, and it burns when we pee, so our bad, stop sleeping with those people." 
  • He apparently doesn't much like tables of any sort.
  • He blames Three Jewels Radiant for his Bloodhunt