Harold Banes

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Deceased
Status 3
Domain Springfield, IL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Cato


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Real Name: Only his sire, himself, and his dead former Regnant know.

Apparent Age: ?

Concept: Poached Toreador Ghoul, True Traditionalist, and Humane

Physical description: A Nosferatu is hard to describe, but he never...NEVER drops his Mask 1000!

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged - Former Prince Jayden Cage
Resourceful - Seneschal Jon-Apolo de Soult
Loyal - Primogen 3D

Character Information

Known History

First official act as a Camarilla member was to get his former Regnant Blood-hunted and killed.



Doesn't have many. Doesn't trust non-Nosferatu


  • Louie Puntenesca (Giovanni)
  • Most Toreador




  • 3D
  • Zona "Zoe" Crackel
  • Ray
  • Donovan Gebhard
  • Scrambler


None known

Character Inspirations

Mario (The Mario Brothers)



"No Prince, I believe I would make a horrible __________, but my Childer _______ would do a great job!"

"I'm no Coward. I just know when to leave to avoid any unpleasantries."

Harold "I'm a great sire! Aren't I 3D?" 3D sarcastically "Yes sire, always there when I need you."

Harold looking fondly at 3D while he is doing something for Harold, "Best Blood I ever spent!"


He avoids public positions at all cost. To the point he embraced a childer to become Primogen, Sherriff, or Whatever so he wouldn't have to.

Absolute Coward

Worst Sire EVER, just ask his Childer...when he is not around

Harold Banes and his childe, 3D, single handedly took down a Rogue Tremere, despite the entire clan Tremere in the Springfield, IL domain being unable to locate said rogue individual.

Harold Banes was destroyed by the infernalist Kaylin Winters aka Hikaru.