Gerhard Kohler

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Primogen
Status 4+1
Domain Lewiston/Auburn, Maine
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 000
Player Nicholas G.



Gerhard circa ...old
Alias(es): The Professor, Herr Doktor, Gerald Kohl.
Real Name: Professor Gerhard Josef Kohler
Apparent Age: Early 40s
Concept: Frankenstein's Successor
Physical description: Usually behind a generic mask, however his real face looks as if it is sewed back on with open, seeping wounds across his visible skin.
Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Former Prince Mikhail Schueller of Bonn Germany
Respected by Former Prince Mikhail Schueller of Bonn Germany
Altruistic by Sovereign Prince Alexander P. Keefe of Lewiston Maine
Astute by Sovereign Prince Alexander P. Keefe of Lewiston Maine

Known History

Kohler is quiet about his past believing that progress is the only surefire way to existence. However what can be taken from his words is that he is from a once prominent and wealthy Jewish family and attended a prestigious medical college in his homeland of Germany until the mid 1880s. He has reference to his Embrace as punishment of Pride and refuses to elaborate further but encourages others not to think any being is less than they are or they will suffer. Shortly after arriving in Lewiston & Auburn Maine, Kohler made a name for him using out of the box thinking when helping protect the masquerade. Aiding in covering up unexplained outcomes of the usage of "sorcery" giving plausible and believable answers to investigators. He soon took over the reigns as Primogen for his family in the cities and established him self as a cold, methodical and yet vicious adversary.

Kohler is a traditionalist and has little patience for those who eschew the traditions or the confines of the Tower's rules. Loyal to family, he has been known to aid in the apprehension of traitors to sect and family. An extended time in the public eye has driven the Nosferatu to the brink of wassail. However over the last few months he has remained out of attention and was last known to be visiting with his family Elders.


Irina Dobrescu
Connor Duffy
Mister Deeds


Sire: Frau Aufhocker
Broodmates: Unknown
Childer: Unknown

Character Inspirations



  • By Kohler
    • "You continue to exist only because I follow the traditions to the letter."
    • "Prince McDermott, Madame Dobrescu stated I should not ask questions I think of as they are unsettling to...others."
    • "Prince McDermott, may I partake in Grave Robbing in your city?"
    • "Magic is only a word that a weak mind uses as a crutch so they do not have to think logically about the nature of their skill."
    • "It is only an experiment, Mr. Hawke may I please have a sample of your blood, flesh and internal organs?"
    • "Don't whimper, that will grow back."
    • "I am only participating in this activity...for Science."
  • About Kohler


  • Kohler is a Graverobber.
  • Kohler created "Plan B" as a way to rid the world of Lewiston & Auburn Maine.
  • Kohler will come and take bad Kindred to his laboratory.
  • Kohler is responsible for Sanchez and Grumbles going Sabbat while Katherina going Infernal.
  • Kohler only remains in society because of a promise he made to someone.
  • Kohler caused an individual on a path to become uncomfortable with his tactics.
  • Kohler has been getting "counseling" by two Elders of Lewiston & Auburn due to his inhumane acts.
  • Kohler is building a creature known as "Plan C"
  • Kohler is Lazerene brood.
  • Kohler hates "Doctors" in Kindred society and thinks of them as pathetic.
  • Kohler was once a good natured and polite man, then he became a Nosferatu.
  • Kohler hates magic and believes it is parlor tricks obscuring just other Disciplines he can recreate.
  • Kohler is believed destroyed after he entered a building where it imploded shortly after he entered it.