Dom Leocádio de Avis

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status ???
Domain Brasília, Brazil
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Daniel Desastrado


Alias(es): Dom Leocádio de Avis / Leo / Dom Leocádio Xavier de Miguel e Gonzaga de Avis

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Around 70

Concept: Good Inquisitor

Physical description: Walks with a cane, lumping with his right leg. A very old man, with white and well trimmed hair and beard.

Detailed Status: Burn to Learn

Character Information

Known History

  • For the last years has been travelling from domain to domain. Rarely drawing too much atention to himself, he arrives, research the "new field" and then, when he is not needed anymore, he leaves. Wandering from the Brazil´s south, center-west, southeast up to northeast regions.
  • Lived for a long time in the brazillian state of Minas Gerais, where he stabilished his connections to the church.
  • After a long time away from his sire, he went to Brasília in 2011 after knowing about the death of his broodmate Alois de Avis. Alois was already dead for some time, but the local ventrue weren´t really making efforts to avenge him. After his arrival, started a big fight between Brujah e Ventrue, through the actions of the noble Pedro Aureliano (also Ventrue), who was connected to Brujah killings in the domain and later claimed the praxis for a while. It was when Leocádio left the domain. Recently, Pedro Aureliano was not seen anymore.
  • During the same year of 2011, during his time in the Domain of Parahyba, he was part of the Ventrue plot that caused a major humiliation of the Brujah Atalos von Pelt, who paid more than 40 million in a regular sword.
  • Moved in 2012 to the domain of Grande Florianópolis, where, again, he stood in low profile. He was for some time the Primogen for the domain of Grande Florianópolis and Aedile of the Directorate Florianópolis.
  • Recently he moved back to Vale do Itajaí, his first domain and directorate, being nothing more than a regular Camarilla member and Eiren.
  • Entered the Society of The Hague in 2013, becoming a Member.


  • The Ventrue Clan
  • The Society of The Hague




  • Dom Sebastião de Avis [1]



  • Dom João Lorenzo de Avis
  • Almirante Estevão Vasques Pimentel de Avis
  • Dom Ignácio Setubal de Avis Beja
  • Alois Bourboun-Busset de Vendôme Beaufort Étampes et Avis (Deceased)
  • Katarine Lokshemi de Avis (Deceased)
  • Miranda Valkerian de Avis (Deceased)
  • Eduardo Consuelo de Avis (Deceased)
  • Gustavo Voltack de Avis (Deceased)
  • Luís Consuelo de Avis (Deceased)
  • Caterine de Avis (Deceased)

Character Inspirations

  • "O Nome da Rosa"
  • "The Mentalist"
  • "Sherlock Holmes"
  • "House"



" In Hoc Signo Vinces"
" In God I do believe, but I do not ask for answers, I do ask for the right questions"


  • Wanders through domains as a watcher for his sire, Dom Sebastião de Avis
  • Has true faith
  • Has a close relationship with the Freemasons