Cathrine Jones

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Clan Malkavian
Position Sheriff
Status 3+1
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie None
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player [mailto:]


Alias(es): Kitty Kat, Cathrine Jones

Real Name: Ghatto Giordanio

Apparent Age: 32

Concept: Oracle warrior

Physical description: She is somewhat on the shorter side but trim

Detailed Status:
She was Acknowledged by one of the many Prince's around the time of the Convention of Thorns (that is all anyone knows about that)
She has gained her Loyal name by Former Prince of Columbus, Archon Hugo Valentine
She has gained her Loyal name by Prince Albert Dickens of Dayton
She gained her Feared name by position as Sheriff of Columbus

Character Information

Known History

The "known" history is, she has been in Columbus for about three years, and served the Camarilla in this time. The rest is speculation and unknown if true or not. If you ask her she will tell you of a long history, however very rarely do people believe her for good reason.



Rob, a Gangrel who is more comfortable in the form of a puma..




Unknown but if found, is to be brought before the nearest Prince for judgement. Was last known to be a breech and possibly now with the Sabbot.


Malcolm Jones


Character Inspirations



"They may hate me for this but I have to do what's right for them."
"I'm an oracle, I already know."
"It's a love-hate relationship, heavy on the hate."
"I haven't gotten to use my claws in forever!!"


  • She is over 600 years old.
  • She is not over really over 600 years old and is a neonate who, out of feelings of inadequacy ignores her entire history, instead taking on the mindset and personality of what she thinks is an elder that controls her body.
  • Catherine Jones is an alias and she is really a Gangrel posing as a Malkavian. One of her shapeshifting powers is that of a housecat.
  • She uses infernal powers to turn herself into a black cat on occasion.
  • She doesn't know what she is doing because she lost all memories before her being made Primogen of Columbus.
  • Catherine Jones has an alternate form that she Vicissitudes into- a humanoid cat.
  • Her name is actually Kitty Kat.
  • Nothing she says about her history is true.
  • Everything she says about her history is true.
  • She has been to the Umbra via Vulpin (keeper of the Umbra).
  • She has seen the end of the world.
  • Her visions are not true but instead speculation based on dug up info and observation.
  • She claims to be a time traveling vampire cat from Mars. Somehow this did not result in immediate death at the hands of Prince Hugo Valentine.
  • She is batshit nuts
  • She does not do her job as Sheriff because she either avoids acting or makes herself absent when there is trouble.
  • She seems concerned that Jennifer, with whom she has shared visions, speaks to a demon in her dreams.
  • She was slain on 10/4/2015 by a Lasombra who turned into a bird and flew away.