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Clan Nosferatu
Position None
Status 1
Domain Atlanta, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Player Name


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Real Name: unknown

Apparent Age: early 30s

Concept: fill in the gaps Nosferatu

Physical description: average looking, dark hair

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Catarina claims to be good with security and computers. She tries to be respectful to those with higher positions. She has a bit of a dark sense of humor.

Known History

Catarina showed up in Atlanta in 2007, when the city had a fairly high Nosferatu population. She disappeared after a few months. She resurfaced in Atlanta in late 2010. Little is known about her, mostly because no one cares to ask.


Anyone who can get her want she wants.


Having enemies seems like a waste of energy.


It is not public knowledge in the Camarilla, but fellow Nosferatu know her sire is Angelo Strozzi.


None known


Character Inspirations


in progress


"Not taking this seriously? Tonight, we've been told that the Prince defeated fireball-throwing necromancer-wizards by dropping a building on them, and now we've been called out to fight zombies that somehow managed to dodge the falling house. I think my general demeanor of levity is entirely in keeping with the overall spirit of the evening. Now, let's go get some chainsaws."


  • Is insane.