Cade Essex

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Clan Followers of Set
Status 3+1
Domain Sacramento, CA
Coterie None
Society E-Division
Path Humanity 00
Player David Majesie


Alias(es):Cade Essex

Real Name: Not publicly known Apparent Age: 32 Concept: Tainted Artist Physical description: Relatively fit, but not extremely in shape. About 5'7, blond haired with blue eyes. Most of his visible tattoos are monsters from Greek mythology, like Medusa.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged, Favored, Instrumental

Honorary: Dignitary, Agent

Character Information

Known History

Cade arrived in Stockton, Ca in April of 2017. Since arriving he has done little of significance, clearly preferring the role socialite and neonate to that of a "real" mover and shaker. He is known for spending time chatting during gatherings, with most anyone - including some undesirables when it comes to Camarilla society. It is common knowledge that he is American born and bred, despite having been embraced and going though the accounting in Greece. Cade is known to travel to reasonably close cities to visit and otherwise entertain himself and others. He is known to work with body art, painting, jewelry, and brewing. All of that is part of what he considers hobbies to keep the weight of a potential forever from grinding his sanity to so much dust.

Cade served as scourge for a number of months, despite the public statements that he prefers to remain a pacifist. During this time a powerful pack of diablerists entered the area, killing a local Brujah the first night in town. Cade is known to have destroyed at least one member of the pack before the Camarilla marshalled forces and removed the threat. Later Cade was replaced as Prince Conri felt he wasn't combat effective enough.




Zoe King

Mark Graves



Jessie Fairmont Adopted sire: Cyrus




Haris Nasso

Character Inspirations

Witchcraft Medusa Just about any occult horror