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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 2
Domain Athens, GA
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 000
Player Axl Burton


Alias(es): Sebastian Lowe

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 32

Concept: Fruitcake with a mission

Physical description: Brawn is approximately 6 foot tall and around 220 lbs. He has short cropped blondish hair and blue eyes. He wears plan clothes and likes hanging around the more mundane people, disavowing suits, striking gang colors or club wear. He just looks like another normal dude and actively attempts to not be overly noticed.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by James Branderson, Prince of Kansas City
  • Eager by Aimee Valerious, (Deceased) Prince of Springfield Illinois

Character Information

Known History

Brawn's embrace was a quick and quietly held affair, the exact details appear to have been hidden from public view by boon and favor. Reginald was granted accounting over his childe and quickly began educating his childe in the Traditions and what it meant to be a Kindred of the Camarilla. Very soon after his Accounting was done, Reginald left Kansas City.

Brawn sent the next many years being a servants of Lana, a locally powerful Malkavian named Svetlana 'Lana' Zhivka. He was her eyes and ears, and he had great loyalty to her. He was a socially reclusive and his presence meant that whatever he was watching was important to Lana.

For reasons unknown, he fled Kansas City in the late Summer of 2016, ending up on Athens, Georgia.

Since his arrival in the early Fall of 2016, Brawn has tried his hardest to be the best Camarilla Citizen possible. Loyally following orders and attempting to provide as much support to his domain has possible. He has undertook several missions to aid the domain. Brawn appears to have transplanted his loyalty for Lana for the local Primogen Jordan Drake.

After sacrificing his freedom to save several small children, and Seneschal Stefan Panna, and other citizens of Athens, Brawn returned to find that the Prince of Athens, The Colonel Lenox Landrake, had revoked his Hospitality in Athens. Brawn was told that because he had spent three months in the company of a hostile abyssal magician he could not be trusted. Brawn accepted the Colonel's orders and has not been back to Athens Georgia since.




This One




Reginald Lowe





Character Inspirations

Deceptively 'Sane' Malkavian
Brodie Bruce from Mallrats
Every 'has it together' stoner in the world


Dark Side of the Moon
The Wall
Walt Disney's Mary Poppins Album


"Are you an idiot or something?"
"You can kill a Prince? Aren't they Gods?"
"You should join the Camarilla. The Anarchs are wrong."


  • Brawn is really a Follower of Set masquerading as insane in order to not draw attention.
  • Brawn is really an Assamite from the Mountain masquerading as insane in order to not draw attention.
  • Brawn is actually as dumb as he acts.