Alexander Black

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Clan Ventrue
Position none
Status 1
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 000
Player Alex


Alias(es): Alexander White

Real Name: Alexander Black

Apparent Age: mid 30s

Concept: self made mogul/diplomat

Physical description: Alexander is a Very large man, standing 6'2" built like a line backer. His dark hair, coupled with his deep blue eyes give away his Italian heritage. He is almost always impeccably dressed in the latest formal fashion, bespoke three piece pin striped suits with French cuff shirts, color coordinated cufflinks, ties and pocket silk, always perfectly folded. His skin is olive yet still slightly pale. He always seems to be smiling warmly

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged, by Prince Evelyn Landrake February, 2018

Vigilant by Alicia Knight, August 2018

Despoiler Justicar Manuela Cardoso

Known History

Alexander has been in Baltimore longer than the Camarilla. His great grandsire, Cyril Masters, Brood mate to her Majesty Queen Anne Bowesley, sent Isaac Monroe to the new world to covertly set up a network for the Camarilla. Isaac created one Childer, Mary Anne Compton, to help him once he arrived, and she in turn embraced Alexander. Alexander was a landlord doing well for himself in the thriving 50s housing market in West Baltimore. He was strangely drawn to one of his tenants and quickly fell in love with the woman that would be his sire. She ghouled him without his knowledge, or consent, and when he was finally embraced, his coming of age trials were brutal, and cruel. The only one to show him kindness was his Grandsire. His sire seemed to take sadistic pleasure in torturing him to teach him to be tougher. Together the three of them set up influences in the police and legal systems trying to keep the masquerade, despite sabot occupation of the city. In one of the skirmishes with the Sabot, he found his sire drinking the soul of an enemy. With her distracted he immediately sought rights of destruction from Isaac. Once granted, he executed his sire. For the next few years he kept close to his grandsire and had a few run ins with Sabot before being ambushed by an entire pack, and in the fray Issac Monroe was slain. Because he had no contacts in London, and no information beyond the name of Cyril Masters, who had disappeared years before, he was alone and abandoned in enemy territory. He built his real estate empire, and lived well until the crash if 2008, when he lost nearly everything. He sought out the Camarilla three times, the first two were sabot traps, in an attempt to kill Camarilla visitors, and he barely escaped. In February of 2018, he presented himself to Prince Landrake, and acknowledged on arrival. He rose to keeper in months as his influence was as far reaching as he was eager to be helpful.







Frank Numeberg



The Sabot


He has a special hate for those committing Diablerie


Mary Anne Compton


Melissa Black



Character Inspirations

John the Mod, Frank Underwood, Robert Herjevec, Don Draper.


Jack the knife, Bobby Darrin

Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

Syringe, Emily Autumn

Cellophane, Sarah Jackson-Holman


when asked if he was easily bribed "No, I already have money"

"I love a beautiful distraction"


He is completely insane

He has no idea what he's doing

He's really nice.

He idolizes Alicia Knight

He is a pretender to greatness

He wants to eradicate the Sabot. every. Single. One.

He killed more sabot than he'll admit to

He's never killed any Sabot

He's a younger male version of Alicia Knight, Andrea MacDermott or Corkie Pellegrino depending on which of them you ask