Rosamonde Kurlein

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 6+0+1
Domain Santa Rosa, CA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Sarah Himebaugh


Rosamonde has been known to put up with a few close friends calling her "Rosie"

Real Name: Undisclosed

Apparent Age: Mid-20's

Concept: Wards Enthusiast

Physical description: Unremarkable blond woman with glasses. That is the common theme of the bodies typically presented. It has been so many years since anyone save clanmates saw Rosamonde without Possession that who can truly say beyond that.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Granger of Dallas, TX
  • Adroit by Prince Alejandro Patron of New Haven, CA
  • Devoted by then-Prince Thomas Allen of Phoenix, AZ
  • Gracious by then-Prince Winston Warchild of Santa Rosa, CA
  • Ingenious by Prince Virgil Deems of San Francisco, CA
  • Relentless by then-Prince Qelyn Ellyllon of Phoenix, AZ
  • Prestigious/Insane Sire: Jack Kurlein

Character Information

Known History

Rosamonde first entered in to the political eye of the Camarilla in the Americas in Dallas, TX where she was Acknowledged in the early 21st Century. Soon thereafter, she moved to San Francisco, CA in January of 2003, and became a resident. She had a great deal of interest in construction and eventually developed a reputation as an Architect and Engineer under the name Rosamond Meyer (Fame x5).

She has since resided in the East Bay, Sacramento, Stockton, and other cities throughout California, before moving to Arizona some six years ago.

Known for being a political train-wreck, she has survived and maintained her status due to an honesty that charms as many is it insults, and an undeniable talent with Thaumaturgy focused on protective magics such as Wards. She is also known to have never missed the annual gatherings over Memorial Day in San Francisco, in the past nine years.

It is rumored that in 2012 she again returned to California as a resident, but as of the Spring she has not yet made any public appearances in Kindred society.


The Tremere of Santa Rosa California.


Rumored to include...

Alexander Bernard Strong
Elliot Maxwell
Mark Richardson
Qelyn Ellyllon
Virgil Deems

And others now deceased.


Rumored to include....

Angel LaRouge
Kathrin Braddock

And others she has outlived.


Jack Kurlein


No known surviving childer


None known

Character Inspirations

Character was inspired by the mentioned canon Tremere NPC in "San Francisco by Night" creating Ward versus Cathayan



  • "Have a drink?"
  • "Everyone is dumb... sometimes." when talking with Winston Warchild upon finding out about the game nines.


  • Rosamonde has both allies and enemies within Clan Ventrue
  • Rosamonde is not actually a drunkard and an addict, but someone drowning in ennui
  • Rosamonde adores Quidditch
  • Rosamonde has risen to six measures of standing, only to lose all but Acknowledgement two times before
  • Rosamonde is an honest Tremere who refuses to steal the blood of other Kindred, and has been harshly punished by her clan for this
  • Rosamonde puts forward an honest face, and maintains credible deniability of alleged Tremere atrocities to better lie effectively in serving Clan Tremere
  • Rosamonde has an unhealthy addiction to "cat t-shirts"
  • Rosamonde is so much fun at parties, passing anarchs literally obliterate their groins with anti-vehicle ordnance and shrapnel from the contact high.
  • Rosamonde is often confused for (and vice versa) her clanmate, Rosamund Elise Kingsley. This has led to some..colorful happenstance.
  • Additional rumors here