Mark Richardson

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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 6+3
Domain San Francisco, CA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Ken Shields


Mark, just off Market Street


Mark Richardson

Real Name:

Probably not actually Mark Richardson. The joking story he tells about his name is that he chose Mark because it's a sign or symbol, and all names are signs or symbols of the real object, and he chose Richardson because his dad was a Dick.

Apparent Age:



Former lawyer / yuppie “dealing with it”

Physical description:

5’10”, 170 lb, long brown hair, blue-green eyes. Dark circles under the eyes, stubble, slightly hollow but flushed cheeks. Clammy or yellowish tinge to skin. Often has twitches and nervous tics, laughs or giggles compulsively. Usually dishevelled and sometimes mistaken for homeless, wearing something like jeans and a sweater with an old (WW2 US) army coat. Cleans up well on official occasions, but looks dishevelled within an hour or so anyway. Looks distracted when he starts talking, then gets way too intense when he focuses on something. Then a tangent about video games or the vast reptilian conspiracy. Then BACK ON TARGET

(Mechanics: Off-brand version of blush of health – looks human, just doesn’t look healthy. Like a long term heroin abuser, or maybe he’s just got the flu or something? Yeah.)

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Granger of Dallas
  • Enthralling by Prince Deems of SF
  • Feared by Prince Book of SF
  • Focused by Prince Sebastien of SF
  • Illuminated by Prince Prince Bonfim of Ouro Preto
  • Loyal by Prince Adrian Serra of Los Angeles

  • August, Dignitary as in play 10+ years
  • Reputation

Character Information

Known History

Moved to San Francisco in the early 2000s. Was Malkavian Primogen there for many years under several princes, until Virgil Deems named him Seneschal. Willingly admits to being schizophrenic before his embrace, sometimes gripes about it. He apparently has domain over “Mark’s Tree”, whatever that is. Disappears every once in a while, usually for no more than a couple of months. Often comes back with completely bizarre and unbelievable stories about the rapture or maeanads or eagle-headed aztec ghost gods haunting disneyland. Lately he's been travelling and spending less time in San Francisco - after a year and a half of this, he finally stepped down as Seneschal there.




Presumably the local Camarilla power structure in the Bay Area, like Virgil Deems, She that Burns As the Sun (Sunny), and Peter Premsyl. He has dealt with the Kuei-jin more than just about anyone other than Jack Sebastien and Jack Rogan, though that gets complicated. He's also been scene being quite friendly with Andrea McDermott, as well as a number of his clanmates, such as Thomas True, Izarra Getzi, and James Abbott.


Mark has the unfortunate tendency to say people everyone hates are pretty nice when you think about it. So if he has any he probably doesn’t think of them that way.


Mark never talks about it.


Mark never talks about it.


Mark never talks about it.

Character Inspirations

A well-off, intelligent person getting broken, and having to figure out on their own (as people do) how to put themselves back together and develop tricks to cope. Crossed with that guy who sits down next to you on MUNI.



  • “Heh he hehe haha”
  • “No look, you’re wrong. We’re not monsters and we shouldn’t try to be. Haven’t you ever read Joseph Campbell? Look, what’s the most dangerous thing in the entire world? What do we hide from? What rules the entire world? What was responsible for the most fucked up atrocity you’ve ever heard of? Humans. That’s why we’re going to win. Because we’re humans, and they were stupid enough to make themselves the monsters. They’ve got nothing on us.”
  • “See, the Tremere got awesome world controlling powers, the Ventrue get the international success life, and what do I get? The fucking pills don’t work anymore.”
  • "You're not really a Malkavian until you've been John Barleycorn."
  • "The table was never magic! The scandal was in your heart this whole time!"


  • Mark is a reincarnation of Emperor Norton.
  • Mark is actually the true Prince of San Francisco. After all, he’s crazy and likes to talk way too much. What more proof do you need?
  • Mark can hear anything said within earshot of a tree anywhere in San Francisco. That’s why he always warns people that trees aren’t Masquerade safe. That or he’s just really into Order of the Stick.
  • Is the secret gay lover of Virgil Deems
  • Mark loathes stuffed animals.
  • Mark really likes talking about food.
  • Mark has had sex with William Stanford. He says Stanford wasn't that good.
    • Why would this be surprising?
  • Accidentally became King of the West on All Soul's Day, got torn apart by Maeanads, then was buried under a hill to dream prophecy for a season. He got better.
  • "He went off into a private room with Prince Villon of Paris, and another time with Raphael de Corazon, and both times came back with his shirt buttoned wrong." "Man, his shirt is always buttoned wrong. That doesn't mean anything except that he's too dumb to know how to button a shirt."
  • Had some sort of drama at Glitter and Gloom in 2017.
  • Appreciates poetry more than certain Toreador.