Zellwhile Demascus

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Clan Tremere
Position Lesser Harpy
Status 6
Domain Ann Arbor, MI
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 00
Player C.D.K.


Zell @ Blood and Ice 2019

Alias(es): Zell, Legion of One

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Mid 30s

Concept: Casandra, Reluctant Prophet, Rolling Stone

Physical description: 6'2, Zell dresses like a bad garage sale

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged (Prince Asher Sinclaire Savannah GA 1993)
Enlightened (as above)
Adept (Prince Eduardo D'everaux 2018)
Well Informed (Prince Montrose 2018)
Knowledgeable (Celebran Marquee Primogene 2018)
Sagacious (Prince Alshaya of Cambridge MA)

Character Information

Known History

Very little is known about this nomadic Tremere. He travels in an old circus wagon, and seems more interested in the dead than the living or undead. Tho based in Ann Arbor MI, Zell has gained residence in Toledo Oh, Springfield IL, and Cambridge MA.

An excerpt from a story he once told in court at Cambridge...
"In the crib, Mab dripped poison... The red pill forced. Like Oliver, chasing the rabbit, Alice beckoned. Falling sands, thru hidden moons returned, 1 cycle for each day passed. The waistcoat torn, outgrown by Harvey. Oliver asks for seconds,... Clouds became roofs, other men's treasure the only buffet. American gothic lost. Of heavy metal and oil, Frank. In the dragster, frank and Harvey, at the pass with the 300. North and south... But with glasses on, umbrella extended. Oliver, a boy no longer, again hears Alice's call. At the crossing of hands, Harvey called. I was late... Thru halls of the forgotten, to secret secrets. Of lost words, forgotten movement, and exotic spice. The ringmaster dismisses, the tapes erased. No map, lost compuse, Oliver returns again and again. The red pill, its liquids flow, too many, to much, never alone... Medusa's gaze, frozen in nothings nowhere. Silence... fast and loud... silence. The ringmaster, of 4 walls hidden, plants the seed and gardens grew. With breathless life, awoken. Harvey, Frank, and Ze... Oliver, in the can, till sands fall no more."

Teremer ONLY

Apprentice of the 5th circle of mysteries.



Xandra Falk








Character Inspirations


Theory - BtVS
Wanderlust King - Gogol Bordello
Existential Blues - T-Bone
The Way - Fastball


"Casandra, her eyes closed"

"Gulliver, before the horses"

"Children, Christmas morning"


  • I am Prosymnus.