Will Archer

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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 2
Domain St. Augustine, FL
Coterie None
Society E-Division
Path Humanity 000
Player Asher W.


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Will Archer

Real Name: William Chapman

Apparent Age: 28

Concept: Researcher/ Occult Hobbyist

Physical description: Will Archer is a late 20s male with blonde hair and blue eyes and speaks with a light brittish accent. He walks while leaning heavily on a cane due to a mangled leg. He always wears some type of button up tee shirt and loose jeans. mixed with comfortable shoes.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged- Prince Asher Sinclaire of Atlanta, Ga.

Character Information

Known History

Much of his unlife is unknown after he and his sire left the states save that together they hunted stolen antiquities from WW2 Her hunting for Jewish arts him looking for more occult centric items.

In early 2020 he arrived a few months after his sire seeking to join the court of the Bahamas. He has in that time focused on research and learning.

In 2021 moved back to the mainland and joined the court of St Augustine.

Recently joined E-Division. November 2021.





Naomi Roth




Character Inspirations

Giles- Buffy

Banjamin Franklin Gates- National Treasure

Dr. Henry Artimage- The Dunwich Horror




Has on two occasions passed up the position of Primogen for his clan.

His cane is actually a collapsed sniper rifle that he keeps the rest of in a nearby vehicle.

Is fluent in 6 languages.