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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 1
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Pat Marrs



Mati Norfolk, Whisper Norfolk, Mati Whispers, etc...

Real Name:Unknown

Apparent Age:Early 20s

Concept: Cliche Blind Pianist/Zatoichi

Physical description: Short, Skinny, Swimmers Build, Blue/Black hair and Goatee. His Crystal Blue eyes are very very very magnetic.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Brighton Hughes

Character Information

Known History

Whisper was Blinded by an infection/fever when he was 5-6 years old. He was also an Autistic Savant. after moving away from home to go to school in California, he was Discovered. Late one night at a Jazz Club, the band had walked away from their gear. Whisper Approached it and started to fiddle with the Keyboard. within minutes he was playing a piano version of Pink Floyd's 'Echos' which was captured by a cellphone and uploaded to YouTube. the Video of the blind man playing a piano in such a fashion went Viral instantly. a year later he was part of a YouTube Production company, putting out a video every week and making millions of dollars in ad revenue... an interested party then payed a large sum of money to bring Whisper to Ohio for a "Job"

Hired and ghouled by Prince Kyle Butler after the 2012 Grand Elysium, given as a Gift to Eva Sophia Shortly after. There is some confusion over the matter of how he was Embraced. Eva Sophia Started his Accounting, but he was then passed to the Gangrel, Rob to finish his education.




Eva Sophia
Kyle Butler
Jennifer Smith
Rob the Gangrel


Eva Sophia


Christopher Chicano




Eva Sophia


Adam Lambert - For your Entertainment
Pink Floyd's Echos on Piano by VKGoeswild
Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah by VKGoeswild
Madness - Muse
Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
Hide & Seek - Namie Amuro
Vincent - Don Mclean
Light em Up - Fall Out Boy


"I don't need to be able to see to know you are an ugly person."-said to a kindred with 7 appearance based socials and nothing else.
"I'm Blind, not Deaf."
"The Phrase,'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder', is a total farce"
"My Art? ha... Im a Singer, a Pianist, a Linguist, a Gardener, a Martial Artist, a Poet, a Composer, a Writer, and so on... Pick one? I cant."
"No, Im not Gay... I'm open minded."


Whisper is a Test Tube Vampire. His Sire had been dead for months at the time of his Embrace
Whisper's Sire was Really Kyle Butler
Whisper's Sire Was Really Eva Sophia
Whisper was embraced by a Tremere and the Toreadore claimed him anyway.
Whisper was embraced by Rob the Gangrel and the Toreadore claimed him anyways.
Whisper isn't a vampire.

Whisper isn't really Blind.
Whisper can Eavesdrop on 4+ conversations at once.
Whisper is going Deaf from years as a Musician.
Whisper can speak 20+ Languages Fluently.

Whisper is a Master Swordsmen.
Whisper is a Man of God.
Whisper is a Buddhist.
Whisper is a Taoist.

Whisper Hates the nom de plume, Whisper.
Destroyed by his own hand