Tanis Alsetesh

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Clan Followers of Set
Position None
Status 1
Domain Black Hawk County, IA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Callie J. Paar


Tanis Alsetesh played by Callie J. Paar

None known.

Real Name:
Tanis Alsetesh is the only "real name" that she uses since her Embrace.

Apparent Age:
Mid- to late-twenties.

Psychologist Citizen.


Physical description:
Tanis is a very attractive woman with a kind smile. Her dark complexion leads some to wonder if she is of Egyptian heritage as many in her clan, but the trained eye can tell that it isn't very likely. She stands roughly 5'6" and has a strong, fit build. Often her long brown hair is worn down, framing her face. Sometimes she wears her sunglasses on her head, showing her warm, knowing hazel eyes.

Obvious Merits/Flaws/Traits/Other:
Enchanting Voice, Appearance x5 (Elegant x3, Magnetic x2).

Detailed Status

  • Acknowledged by [Background NPC Prince in Canada]

Character Information:

In-character information regarding history, affiliations, and more.

Known History

Tanis has only spoken of her time before coming to Iowa vaguely:
As a mortal, she worked in the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a translator of ancient texts, and was Embraced when on a trip to Canada where she discovered her interest in psychology. After her Embrace, she learned that she could not return to New York due to Sabbat. She has alluded to traveling to many domains since then, and that she went from being an Independent to joining the Camarilla. The exact details, however, have yet to be shared.


  • February: Tanis arrived in Cedar Falls, and received Hospitality from Prince Murray.




Camarilla Members



  • Gordon
  • Issa
  • A'sha



An Independent Setite who has probably already met his Final Death.


  • None Known


  • None Known


  • "I hate to bring everything back to psychology, but that's kind of my thing." - At Elysium in Black Hawk County.


  • Tanis' intense anger at losing the Metropolitan Museum of Art because of the Sabbat presence in New York led her to join the Camarilla, just to maximize her Sabbat kill count.

OOC Corner:

Character Inspirations

  • See Tropes above, in Overview.
  • Dr. Lance Sweets (Bones)
  • Dr. Gillian Foster (Lie to Me)
  • Patricia Hughes (Damages)
  • Persona 4
  • House of Cards
  • Burn Notice
  • White Collar


In no particular order:

  • Saints & Sinners - Flogging Molly
  • Pepper - Butthole Surfers
  • Madness - Muse
  • Blurry - Puddle of Mudd
  • Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
  • Illusion - VNV Nation
  • A Million Ways - OK Go
  • Lights - Ellie Goulding
  • Kaleidoscope Heart - Sara Bareilles
  • Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
  • What It's Like - Everlast
  • Perfectly Lonely - John Mayer
  • The Distance - Cake
  • Working for the Weekend - Loverboy
  • Lies of the Beautiful People - Sixx:AM
  • Anthem of the Angels - Breaking Benjamin