Sebastian Cole

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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 2
Domain St. Augustine, FL
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 00
Player [ Asher]


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Real Name: Sebastian Cole

Apparent Age: 23

Concept: Corporate hunter

Physical description: Well built college age man never seen outside of some type of business attire. Usually has mask1k up to hide his beast traits.

Detailed Status:


Dauntless (Prince Cartwright)

Character Information

Known History

He was embrace in the early month of 2000 on a camping trip from his friends to celebrate his getting accepted to Harvard Business Schools Masters program. They had partied hard the night before and when he woke up his friends were all dead and he was turned into a Kindred.

He joined the camarilla after a few months of guess and check on what he could and could not do. He befriended a Ventrue at his first court and began to create his own businesses. He stayed on at this court till an urge to travel finally overtook him he moved to St Augustine, Fl in Sept of 2019. By Halloween he had been asked to help out as an assistant harpy.

When her grace the Sovereign Prince Strauss sacrificed herself to save the city, the newest prince Prince Cartwright reorganized the court and he was asked by his clan mate Brand to take on the position of Primogen. He accepted.







Who has time for that. They are a waste of resources.



Character Inspirations

Jordan Belfort/ Leonardo Dicaprio (Wolf of Wall Street)

Bud Fox / Charlie Sheen (Wall Street)

Don Draper /Jon Hamm (Mad Men)


Sharp Dressed Man/ ZZ Top



  • Sebastian is actually a Ventrue.
  • Sebastian, like most gangrel, is colorblind, and that is why he never wears red or green.