Rictor Askannis

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Clan Brujah
Status X
Domain X
Coterie None
Society X
Path Humanity 00
Player Askannis



Rictor Askannis, Askannis, Russian.

Real Name:  ???

Apparent Age: 35

Concept: Criminal | Criminoso

Personal Status:

Burn to learn

Positional Status

  • Feared | Temido as Sheriff
    Honorable Status
  • Valorous | Valoroso as Millites of Ivory Legion

    Character Information

    Known History

    Rictor Askannis was na extremely austere and law-abiding judge. Wealthy and philanthropic, he helped thousands of political asylum seekers and immigrants in Moscow and St. Petersburg. He served as a Ghoul to the Philosopher Johann Askannis and has seen the Camarilla build in many ways since the fall of the Soviet Union. When your Domitor Johann walked to the Sun, his bond breaking and dilemmas became complicated. He ran away for a while but without getting rid of this world of darkness. It is said that his embrace took place on the same day that he gained a leadership position in Bratva, a Russian Mafia of great international importance. His Lady Diana went to Brazil where she answered as Prince. In 2016, he went to Victoria where he fought alongside the Camarilla and destroyed countless Sabbat members. He saw his Mistress taken away, and he can’t do much more. He followed the tracks until he was nearly killed in southern Brazil. He returned to Russia to revitalize and increase war and combat power. He returned to Brazil at the end of 2021, where he left for the South, with the purpose of revenge. It is not known exactly what happened. In mid-2022, he went to Vitória, to maintain the family’s honor and start a new life. At the end of the year, in partnership with his older brother, Doc, he begins to make arrangements for the capital of São Paulo. At the beginning of 2023, they set up residence in the City of São Paulo. In April, for his services rendered and merits, he ascends to the position of Sheriff of São Paulo. At the end of the same month, he is accepted into Recruitment, and joins the ranks of the Ivory Legion, as Millites.





    • Julie Jacqueminot
    • Gallyl
    • Crixus Craven


    Probably. | Provavelmente.


    Ex-Prince Diana Stavros (deceased or missing). Ex-Principe Diana Stavros (destruída ou desaparecida).




    Boris "DOC" Alexandruk


    Character Inspirations

  • Mr.World.
  • Bondock Saints.
  • Wolfgang, Sense8.




    • He has true faith.
    • Would have been consecrated by an Orthodox priest in Siberia.
    • Destroyed Infernalists empty-handed.
    • Is a high-ranking torturer like Alastor of the Camarilla.
    • Has a prohibited relationship with a member of Sabbath.
    • He has changed his name numerous times, they say he is an identity thief.
    • Is the lover of a Sabbath Bishop.
    • In his bloodlust, he would have committed cannibalism.