Pietro Dopamine di Medici, Colonel

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Clan Ventrue
Position Primogen
Status 5: 3+1+1
Domain Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Coterie None
Society Ivory Legion
Path Humanity 00
Player Alê




Real Name: ‘’’Colonel Pietro Dopamine di Medici

Apparent Age: 40.

Concept: Militar Forces

Physical description: Pietro is tall and displays impeccable musculature. He has a military bearing and a countenance often taken as serious. He is always in formal clothes, whether military or civilian, although as comfortable as possible, so as not to limit his movements and reflexes. She is always wearing a gold ring with na embossed pentagram, a gold Saint George chain and a pink gold Tag Heuer Senna series watch.

Notable Merits: Powerful Gaze

Fame x5 – Sniper.

Detailed Status:

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  • Acknowledged by Prince Cruciano Sepervive; Rome, Italy, 1932.
  • Brave by Primogen Fabrizio Ulfila, for services prestation by expulsed the Saba, Rome, Italy, 1970.
  • Trusted by Prince Phillip Pendragon, for the coordination that led to the destruction of the Sabbat in Guarapari, Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil, 2021.
  • Valorous Member Milites of Ivory Legion, 2022.
  • Revered as Primogen Ventrue of Nova Enoch, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Ventrue Only:

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    >>Lord Erik Eiggerman.

    >>>Cardeal Fabrizzio Ulfila.

    >>>>Sor Ingimar.

    >>>>>Lady Giuliana di Medici.

    >>>>>>Dr. Giordanno di Medici.

    >>>>>>>Colonel Pietro di Medici


    • White Cross
    • Iron Circlet
    • Paragon Sacred Star
    • Paragon Lagash’s Eagle
    • The Sword
    • The Peerage

    Other Informations

    • Aedile of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    • Clan Prestige x3.

    Character Information


    Known History

    Pietro Dopamine was consecrated in the Roman Catholic Church and served as na associate military. He rose through the ranks to become the High Commander of the Vatican’s Swiss Guard. Some rumors point to him as a member of the League of Shadows and na exponent of Opus Dei. His story with the Sire Giordanno di Medici intersects at the turn of the century, in Italy. He came with his hug brother, Alcibiades, to Grande Vitória in Espírito Santo, in the name of Giordanno, in mid-2020. He succeeded Sire as Firstborn Ventrue in Viana, Vitória, in 2021. Became Millites of the Ivory Legion in 2022. He went to Rio de Janeiro, where he bravely participated in the Retake of Nova Enoch and established himself as Primogenio Ventrue, in the same year.




  • Åse Odinsdottir, Member, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.
  • Cleo Selfridge, Harpy, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.
  • Cormia Aghony, Primogen Ventrue, Campinas, SP, Brazil.
  • Crixus Craven, Member, Rio Grande, RS, Brazil.
  • Dijian, Sheriff, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.
  • Faruk de La Veja, Archon of Gangrel Justicar.
  • Gabrielle la Touche Deppailler, Consul Kuei Jin, Parahyba,Brazil.
  • Hugues de St Ommer, Decanus of Ivory Legion.
  • Jervis Strange, Malkavian Primogen, Rio Grande, RS, Brazil.
  • Julian Santorini, Member, Rio Grande, RS, Brazil.
  • Luna Winterfeld Mendoza, Harpy, Fortaleza, CE, Brazil.
  • Philip Pendragon, Sovereign Prince, Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil.
  • Raul Martinez de Avís, Archon of Justicar Lucinde, Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil.
  • Sheila O'Sullivan, Keeper of Elysium, Rio Grande, RS, Brazil.
  • Sko-Ello, Sheriff, Rio Grande, RS, Brazil.
  • Sophie de La Vega, Decanus of Ivory Legion




  • Giordanno Donati di Medici, PhD, Prince, Nova Enoch, RJ, Brazil.


  • Lionel Beretta di Medici, Primogen Ventrue of Natal and Forth North, RN, Brazil.
  • Caronte Carlo di Medici, Member, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.
  • Almirante di Medici, Member, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.


    Don Alcibiades Gobbo di Medici

    Character Inspirations

  • Maximus Aurelius, Gladiator.
  • Leônidas, 300.


    Demolisher (Slaughter to Prevail) https://youtu.be/79ojlwMzs0Q


  • ”’Weak...”’
  • ”’Pride...”’


    • He lands a straight shot from more than 4 kilometers away.
    • He exerts influence in several Secret Societies.