Giordanno Donati di Medici, PhD

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Clan Ventrue
Position ???
Status 5: 3+0+2
Domain ???
Coterie Order of Secrecy
Society E-Division
Path Humanity 00
Player Priore
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Doctor, Medici.

Usual Name: Giordanno Donati di Medici.

Real Name:  ???

Apparent Age: 40.

Concept: Scientist Researcher.

Physical description: Giordano Donati di Medici is a man of Italian roots, with a slight accent and a face that exudes charisma A light smile and a diplomatic air of a well-traveled person. It brings with it a calm, welcoming and advising presence.

Charisma 13
Fame x5 - Biotechnology Investor and Researcher.

Personal Statuses

Aknowledged. Ventrue Prince Cruciano Sepervive. Rome Italy. 1850.

Worthy. Ventrue Elder Fabrizio Ulfila. Rome Italy. 1899. For services to Clan Ventrue and the Camarilla during the second half of the 19th Century. 1

Articulated. Ventrue Primogen Colonel Pietro Dopamine de Medici. Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil. 2021. For the mastery of Influences in the War against the Sabbat, in the Guarapari Conflict.

Positional Statuses


Honorable Statuses

Respected. As Legatee of the Camarilla, through his Prestige Lineage, Prestige Sire Lady Giuliana di Medici. 2022.

Insightful. As an E-Division Agent. 2022.

Known History

October, 2020 to Juny, 2022 - Harpy of Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil.

Juny, 2022 to May, 2023 - Prince of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Order of Secrecy. Scholars from around the world with a fascination for all forms of knowledge.

Allies & Associates





  • Lady Giuliana di Medici, Founder Elder of Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil (Prestige Sire).


  • Don Alcibiades Gobbo di Medici, Keeper of Elysium, Campinas, SP, Brazil.
  • Pietro Dopamine di Medici, Colonel, Member, Caldas Novas, GO, Brazil.
  • Edoardo Antonio Matarazzo di Medici - MISSING
  • Lorena Bórgia di Medici, Member, Campinas, SP, Brazil.
  • Åse Odinsdottir, Member. Campinas, SP, Brazil.


    Ricco Bórgia - MISSING

    Character Inspirations

  • Don Corleone, The Godfather.
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • Detective Hercule Poirot.




  • "Come... Tell me about your problems?"


    • He has shady connections with the Ravnos.
    • He would have manipulated an event in Southeast Washington.
    • It's in a silent war with the Nosferatu.
    • He would have been corrupted by the Followers of Set in the capital of Rio de Janeiro.
    • Has connection with Mages.
    • He is a political godfather in several cities in Brazil.
    • He is the son of Lorenzo di Medici, il Magnifico, Lord of Florence in the Renaissance.
    • He is an excellent warrior, although he maintains the appearance of diplomatic fragility.
    • He was involved in numerous political intrigues in the last Conclaves.
    • He's a spy for one of the Justicars.