Giordanno Donati di Medici, PhD

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Clan Ventrue
Position Harpy
Status 4 : 2+2
Domain Grande Vitória, Brazil
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 00
Player Priore



Doctor, Medici.

Real Name: Giordano Donati di Medici.

Apparent Age: 40.

Concept: Scientist Researcher.

Physical description: Giordanno has the classic appearance of a Roman Renaissance. Wide and strong, curious and smiling eyes. It has 1.70 meters and about 90 kilos. He usually wears dark hair, Blue eyes, that is too short or shaved. He wears social clothes or scientific uniforms.

Detailed Status:

(OOC: For the use of the ability Politics)

  • Acknowledged by Prince Cruciano Sepervive; Rome, Italy.
  • Loyal by Primogen Fabrizzio Ulfila; Rome, Italy; for his services on Europe, serving The Camarilla.
  • Influential and Well-Conected for Harpy Position in Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil.

    Ventrue Only:

    (OOC: For the use of the ability Ventrue Lore)



    >>Lord Erik Eiggerman.

    >>>Cardeal Fabrizzio Ulfila.

    >>>>Sor Ingimar.

    >>>>>Lady Giuliana di Medici.

    >>>>>>Dr. Giordanno di Medici.


    • The Iron Circlet.
    • Chronicler.
    • Paragon Caduceu.
    • Paragon of Resources.
    • The Sword.
    • The Pariage.
    • Paragon The Bussol.
    • Proctor.

    Other Informations

    • Southest Praetor, Brazil.
    • Clan Prestige x3.
    • (Only Ventrue Lore x5+: Ex Tribune of Fabrizzio Ulfila)

    Character Information

    Known History

    Little is known about Medici's history before the mid-1980s, where he stood out in the European Camarilla for reporting on infiltrators and investigating Sabbat niches. He is extremely loyal, being personally awarded this Prestige by Cardinal Fabrizzio Ulfila, a notorious member of Europe and predecessor of his Lineage. He came to Brazil at the end of 2019, at the invitation of his Master Lady Giuliana di Medici; and, strangely, never found it after stepping on Brazilian soil in early May 2020. He is a member of a great lineage and is fond of the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the sciences. He is a researcher in the medical and biological fields, as well as a major investor in Biotechnology, where he made his fortune and fame. He is extremely cultured and naturally calm. In 2020 he became the firstborn of Viana, in the region of Grande Vitória and created a company called Biotech in the region of Viana, Grande Vitória do Espírito Santo, where he started studies related to members and other beings. Some international activities related to his name are known in this field of research. Giordanno di Medici is a born mediator and excellent master of ceremonies, a fact that ended up culminating in his election to the position of Master of the Harpies of the Grande Vitória, Espírito Santo, in 2021.




  • Arthur Rocha, Harpy of Joinville, SC, Brazil.
  • Barão Alencastro, Prince of Natal and Forth North, RN, Brazil.
  • Cleo Selfridge, Keeper of Elysium, Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil.
  • Dijian, Sheriff of Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil.
  • Erdota Urmen de Corazon, Prince of Fortaleza, CE, Brazil.
  • Gabrielle la Touche Deppailler, Consul Kuei Jin, Parahyba,Brazil.
  • Gary Kowaleski, Fury of Harridan Cornelius Yul.
  • Jean-Luck Matado, Harpy of Natal and Forth North, RN, Brazil.
  • Julian Santorini, Seneschal of Rio Grande, RS, Brazil.
  • Lorena Novaz, Harpy of Curitiba, PR, Brazil.
  • Luna Winterfeld Mendoza, Harpy of Fortaleza, CE, Brazil.
  • Philip Pendragon, Sovereign Prince of Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil.
  • Raul Martinez de Avís, Archon of Justicar Lucinde, Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil.
  • Viktor Romanov, Harpy of Rio Grande, RS, Brazil.




  • Lady Giuliana di Medici, Founder Elder, Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil.


  • Don Alcibiades Gobbo di Medici, Member of Rio Grande, RS, Brazil.
  • Afrodite Durand di Medici, Primogen of Nova Enoch, RJ, Brazil.
  • Coronel Pietro Dopamine di Medici, Primogen of Viana, Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil.
  • Edoardo Antônio Matarazzo di Medici (deceased)
  • Conde Daniel Reginald Medina di Medici (deceased)


    Ricco Bórgia.

    Character Inspirations

  • Louis Litt, Suits.
  • Don Corleone, The Godfather.
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • Detective Hercule Poirot.




  • "Come... Tell me about your problems?"