Lucien Massenet de Avis

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Clan Ventrue
Position Primogen
Status 6+1+1
Domain Litoral Catarinense
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player Ricard Bossle


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Lucien Massenet de Avis

Lucien de Avis

Real Name:

Who knows?

Apparent Age:

Early 30s


Competitive/Bored businessman

Physical description:

Lucien is tall, almost 1,90m, broad shoulders and a deep but soothing voice. He has light brown hair and eyes, and a well groomed beard. He is always well dressed, walks with upright posture and usually speaks in a friendly tone - sometimes with a trace of arrogance. He is never seen using any jewel or acessory but the best smartphones and gadgets available.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Lucas Belfort de Corazón, former Prince of Rio de Janeiro.

Loyal by William Bishop, former Prince of Fortaleza.

Influent by Lucas Bonfim, Prince of Ouro Preto.

Influent by Castro, former Prince of Vale do Itajaí.

Resourceful by James Holand, Prince of Mogi.

Respected by Luigi Falcone, former Prince of Vale do Itajaí.

Dignified as Dignatary.

Character Information

Known History





Almirante Estevão Vasques Pimentel de Avis

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Character Inspirations


City of Blinding Lights, U2


Ele é...interessante. Um perfeito Ventrue...gosta de poder, um grande senso de responsabilidade, se ofende com facilidade. Tedioso, é claro. Creio que ele se beneficiaria de sua companhia, minha cara. - Cecilia Stills para Amanda Desrosiers, sobre o Lucien.