Katja DeVries

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Clan Ventrue
Position Seneschal
Status 5
Domain Philadelphia, PA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Katja DeVries


Alias(es): Katja Ansgar

Real Name: not provided

Apparent Age: 22

Concept: Unamused, unimpressed, and busy with nothing that concerns you.

Physical description: Katja is a sturdily built woman with corpse-pale skin. Her dark hair is nearly always pulled back into a severe ponytail or plait. She wears glasses and favors copper jewelry. Her clothing choices vary between tidy blue jeans paired with rugged wool suit coats or short, classy cocktail dresses. She does not smile often and knows many bad jokes.

Detailed Status:(acknowledged) Dedicated, Steadfast, Noble, Esteemed

Character Information

Known History

Katja Ansgar arrived in Philadelphia in Spring 2012 and promptly set about making herself unpopular. After unwittingly taunting a Prince from a neighboring domain and fanning hostilities between Delaware's Anarch population, she rose from Primogen to Harpy. During her tenure as Harpy, Katja was attacked and abducted by the Sabbat and held captive for four months while a doppelganger fulfilled her "duties". After the deception was uncovered, Katja's torpored body was recovered and she remained with local clanmates to rehabilitate. She returned to Philadelphia quickly and resumed duties as Primogen. Known for a caustic temperament and acidic candor, she briefly assumed the role of Sheriff before taking on the duties as Keeper of Elysium. Most recently, Katja was asked to assume the role of Seneschal, serving Prince Fiona MacGregor.

Katja announced her surname changing from Ansgar to DeVries shortly after a reunion with clanmates from St. Louis.




Fiona MacGregor, Sam Brown, JJ Taylor




Andrea DeVries, childe of Richard DeVries, childe of Sir William Pennington





Character Inspirations

Joan of Arc, Ron Swanson


see rumors


see rumors


Prince MacGregor and Seneschal DeVries weren't always such close allies. Some folks with long memories might recall a time Fiona and Katja got into a screaming match over something in the middle of Elysium.

Katja has a fascination with music and usually orchestrates the selection of music played for gathers and formal court. She occasionally gifts mix-CDs to people.