Jack Fate

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Clan Followers of Set
Position None
Status 1
Domain None
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Sutekh 0000
Player Robert Eckman


Alias(es): Jack Fate

Real Name: Badru Jubari Osazi

Apparent Age: 65

Concept: Camarilla Setite

Physical description:
Approximately 6'6", Jack appears to be of an advanced age, with shoulder-length black hair that has
streaks of grey running through it.
((Looks almost enough like Bob Dylan to warrant Mistaken Identity.))

Detailed Status:
· Acknowledged by Donnur Hannalore

Character Information

Though he was a Priest of Sutekh, Jack spent many years assisting the Camarilla in various capacities
in an attempt to show that not all Setites are evil, manipulative, and shady. Upon arriving in the
Mid-Atlantic, he strove to become a member of the Camarilla, following the example of long-time friend
Blackjack Graham. However, Acknowledgment from just any Prince wouldn't do in his eyes; to truly
prove his worth, Jack turned down Acknowledgment from two different Princes stating that he 'wasn't ready'
because he wanted it to come from someone who openly detested Setites, rather than someone doing a 'favor'
for a friend.

He found that in Donnur Hannalore, and was Acknowledged after exposing a member of Clan Ventrue who was
openly sharing Clan secrets with members of other Clans. Though Jack cannot remember the exact secrets
as he consented to having them removed from his memory, he felt content with Acknowledgment coming from
Donnur, who openly despised Setites.

Following his Acknowledgment, Jack gave up everything and left it all behind to follow Donnur as his Personal
Assistant, following Donnur's appointment as an Archon.

Known History

·Former Liaison between the Independent Clans and the Domain of Winchester, Virginia.
·Personal Assistant to Donnur Hannalore







Character Inspirations

· Bob Dylan as Jack Fate in Masked and Anonymous. (Film)


·Bob Dylan - It ain't Me, Babe


"A man is a success if he gets up in the evening and gets to bed in the morning, and in between he does what he wants to do."