Evie Brass

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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 1
Domain Peoria, IL
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 000
Player Sara M.


IC Evie Picture

Alias(es): "Rob"

Real Name: Evelyn Brass, if you can trust the doctors.

Apparent Age: Possibly Early 30's but she's practically skeletal and it is very hard to tell.

Concept: Victim of the late 1800's-early 1900's mental health care system. Broken mind that latches onto things and can't let them go until something new comes along. Has no filter between her brain and her mouth but doesn't really realize it.

Physical description: Skin and bones Asylum patient that looks like they have been starved for years. Hard to really tell age, just overall skeletal and hard to look at. Eerie Presence.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged (Alexander Vargoss)

Character Information

Known History

Lived in the St. Louis area before the area she was in was attacked by the Sabbat and was Acknowledged there after living as a ghoul for around 40 years. She definitely remembers that her sire died at some point but she can't be sure when that was, possibly during the attack. After her sire died she wandered all over the place following the Cobweb in search of others who were Seers or Prophets trying to understand how to fix the problem that no one believed her when she had visions. Eventually she felt a strong pull to Central Illinois and an asylum in Bartonville, Illinois packed with those of her clan. She decided to settle here for a time in late 2017 to explore this place and make connections. She earned her Residency in November of 2017.


If she has one, they haven't told her.


  • Ratimir
  • The soldier with the bullet hole in his head
  • Maybe that Gangrel Stereotype Sawyer


  • "The Bats"
  • "Goatees"
  • "The dark haired people that wear a lot of leather and probably have goatees too."


Arthur Bryant (Background NPC)


Who knows?


None known by her, if any.

Character Inspirations

  • Honestly she's like an extremely dark Douglas Adams character in my mind. In some ways she's humorous, but usually in very uncomfortable ways.
  • Also somewhat based on American Horror Story: Asylum in that it made me look more into what asylums back in the day were really like and it really solidified the character
for me. Plus some ties to AHS: Cult as well have been bred into her.
  • She also is based in my experiences living with mental illness. I find she is a good outlet for my own crazy.
  • Stream of consciousness writing was a huge inspiration for how I play her speaking. I try not to filter myself as much as possible and just talk. This has lead to some
serious faux pas moments and a lot of shocked looks and uncomfortable laughs. It's easily the best part of the character for me, the lack of restriction is very liberating
over some of my other characters who try to play the political game.

Soundtrack (Careful it is all over the place)


  • "Don't trust the bat."
  • "I fixed the octopus's brains, it's much better now."
  • "Do you know how this magic box works?"
  • "I saved the gathering by myself, everyone else ran away. It's no big deal. I just told the bats to leave and they listened, I don't know why everyone else left."
  • "I'm bored." - To a 5th gen Malkavian who had invited her, personally, to watch him handle a Sabbat defector and asked her how she felt about the whole situation.
  • "I licked it because that's just science. You can't really know something unless you've tasted it, everyone knows that."
  • "I don't know what the big deal was, I told him to take out his dick because he wouldn't stop talking about it and we all laughed and learned something about etiquette."


  • She's actually completely sane and just acts crazy to manipulate people into doing what she wants.