Evangeline Gonzales

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Clan Toreador
Position Seneschal
Status 4+2
Domain Toledo, OH
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Bobbie

Alias(es):Eva, Angeline
Real Name: Evangeline Louise Gonzales
Apparent Age: 20
Concept: Art Critic and Philanthropist
Physical description:Evangeline is 5ft7in with short black hair and green eyes. She is usually dressed semi formal to formal, prefering dresses and skirts to dress pants.
Detailed Status:

Aknowledged by word of Prince Alexandria y Castillo of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Adored by word of Prince Enrico Arvador of David, Panema
Loyal by word of Prince Tomas Marcello of Caracas, Venezuela
Cherished by word of Prince Sir Liam Fairfax of Toledo, Ohio
Cherished By Position
Esteemed By Position

Character Information

Evangeline is somewhat of a naive person. She believes in the best of people and tends to be hurt easily when she finds out that not everyone matches her outlook. She is giving, warm and honest, almost to a fault. She is very passionate about her craft, loving to show people the things she has made, and she is always willing to make something new for some if they just ask. She is fairly young for a vampire, having been turned just after she turned 19. And for all her naivete, she is learning to trust herself more than anyone else, especially with the new leadership position she has been chosen for.

Known History

Traveled extensively around South America collecting various pieces of Incan and Mayan art, before moving to the United States.
Served as Harpy of Toledo until forced to step down due to personal matters.
Was appointed Seneschal of Toledo recently.




Ryan Easley
Verrick DeThule
Gideon Hackard




Fidel Vega Xavier


None as of yet



Character Inspirations

Selena Quintanilla


Your Beautiful- James Blunt
Come Away With Me- Norah Jones
For Good From Wicked The Musical


"What the hell happened?" (After finding out the prince and her fellow clanmate had fallen)
"I will stand by you, not just as your Seneschal but as your friend" (Spoken to the Ventrue prince)


(Please feel free to add any rumors that have been heard about this PC)
Has been kidnapped several times through no fault of her own.
Has a severe paranoia of being kidnapped.
Might be a Setite Apostate...