Eddie Darling - Not Quite Deceased

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Clan Brujah
Position Prince
Status 3+3
Domain Phoenix, AZ
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 00
Player Bryan Himebaugh



Eddie Darling.jpg

Alias(es): Eddie Ruiz

Real Name: Not revealed

Apparent Age: Early twenties

Concept: Street punk

Physical description: Eddie is not all too imposing - looking like a wiry street punk. He's got pale skin, dark eyes and dark hair. He sports some tattoos - some for style; others supposedly gang markings. Rarely seen without his button-adorned flatcap.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Desmond Lockhardt
  • Intrepid by Prince Nathlar Shadowbourne
  • Respected by Primogen Arkady Volkov
  • Exalted as Prince of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Famous as Prince of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Well-Known as Prince of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Prestigious Sire - Desmond Lockhardt
  • Insane Sire - Desmond Lockhardt

Character Information

Known History

Eddie was Embraced by his sire and Acknowledged in Springfield, Illinois. He's never really revealed his age or history to anyone publicly. He's made mention of a pirate's lifestyle, and having a large sailing vessel with many canons.

Upon arrival in Phoenix, it was clear to most Kindred that he was still learning the ropes - though his insights were rather keen. It was also clear that he fit the Iconoclast nature of the Brujah, and spoke his mind regardless of decorum.

He wrested the Praxis from Qelyn Ellyllon after some conflicting views regarding those of the Anarch Movement and their treatment. Since then, it has been said he's matured into the role while still keeping his firebrand spirit and principles.


What's that?


  • Anabel Bransford - A Southern belle in the Movement, a friend and one who understands where Eddie is coming from...
  • Thomas Rialt - His common sense when it comes to things in Phoenix.
  • James "The Claw" - The Anarch emissary in Phoenix.


  • The Sabbat - Monsters and beasts. No quarter given, no mediation and no bargaining.
  • Neo-Carthaginians - Idiots and insane. See the entry regarding the Sabbat.
  • Infernalists - Seriously? Hellspawn - how can that be good? See the above two.


Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhardt


What? Are you kidding?


1 of 5 survive, says his sire.

Character Inspirations

  • Rabble and Anarchists
  • Jack Black
  • Dr. Cox
  • Neonates



From Eddie

  • I run a school for elocution and manners. So far, my first student has yet to make a mistake since being put through the school.
  • Do you want me to punch it?
  • I got some beef jerky... you want some?
  • Every time a pretty woman walks by: "Heeey. How you doin'?"
  • Condescension has gone both ways, you see? You pushed me, I push back. I'm not going to roll over for you. I run my Domain as I see fit, as do you. Do not judge me, and I won't judge you. See how easy that is?

About Eddie

"Do not let the brash behavior mislead you into thinking he is foolish; Eddie Darling is much more clever and cunning than most Kindred that walk these nights." - Qelyn Ellyllon


  • Eddie is really an Anarch, playing pretend.
  • Eddie is an aide to one of the Archons on the West Coast.
  • Eddie once struck lightning.
  • Eddie has evenings where he looks worse than the Nosferatu.
  • Eddie used to sail the Caribbean on a ninety-two canon vessel.
  • Eddie was known at some point and time as the "Jester of Tortuga".
  • Eddie is currently under investigation by Archon Lady Elizabeth of York.
  • Eddie is a Neonate; since his Sire has only been Prince for two years, his Embrace must have been in sometime after 2009.