Dom Joaquim Manoel Augusto Isidoro Avranches Raposo Marques

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Clan Ventrue
Position The Right Honorable
Status 3+2
Domain Curitiba, Brazil
Coterie None
Society Society of the Hague
Path Humanity ???
Player Daniel Dammski Hackbart

Dom Joaquim Manoel Augusto Isidoro Avranches Raposo Marques



Real Name:
Dom Joaquim Manoel Augusto Isidoro Avranches Raposo Marques

Apparent Age:

He who fights and gets what he wants.

Physical description:
Tall, short light brown hair, green eyes, usually wears good clothes, though not necessarily ties.

Detailed Status:
Burn to learn!

Character Information

Known History

  • Dom Joaquim Manoel was born in Portugal, but lived in England for a looong time. Came to Brazil on October of 2010, and soon became the Prince of Campos Gerais do Paraná, region abandoned by the new Prince of Curitiba, Victor Gentil (deceased).
  • Joined forces with former Prince of Curitiba, becoming his Seneschal. Later on, James O'Brien became the new Prince of Curitiba, keeping Dom Joaquim as his Seneschal.
  • Once Elijah Binyamin became the new Prince in town, Dom Joaquim became Harpy per decision of the primogen.
  • Childe of former Archon Dom Juan, he came to Brazil as a request from his master, in order to strenghten Clan Ventrue in Paraná.
  • In 2014, Dom Joaquim lost support from the Council of Primogen as Harpy, thus becoming himself Primogen of the Clan Ventrue.
  • In 2018 became a member of the Society of the Hague.


None known.


  • Emílio Astoria (deceased);
  • João Carlos de Oliveira e Silva.
  • Tiberio Fauzi (deceased)


None known.


Dom Juan Armando Lopes


None known.


None known.

Character Inspirations

Soundtrack - Fado Tropical - Fado Português


  • "Nah... not again."
  • Ow... bugger.
  • "It will be mine... oh yes, it will be mine."


Dom Joaquim is an infiltrated Lasombra

Dom Joaquim is an infernalist