Carmen Píria

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Clan Tremere
Position Harpy
Status 2+1
Domain São José dos Campos, Brazil
Coterie ???
Society E-Division
Path ??? ???
Player Mirtila Gouveia


Carmen Píria


Carmen Píria

Real Name:

Apparent Age:



Scholar, Historian, Academic researcher,

Physical description:

She is fairly young and average looking, with medium height, fair skin, long dark brown hair and a scrutinizing gaze.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Francisco Píria - Maldonado, Uruguay
Respected by D. Adaucto Aurélio de Miranda Henriques - Parahyba, Brazil
Insightful as member of the E-Division
Influential and Well-Connected as Harpy

Character Information

Nothing much is known of her except she is the childe of a sitting Prince and have served as his Keeper for awhile. She carries herself in a quiet and circumspect fashion, not being very expressive or particularly captivating. So far, it seems she succeeded to go unoticed by the public eye. She is the childe of the Prince of Maldonado. Francisco Píria, where she served as His Keeper for some time, then went back for her private affairs.

When she moved to Rio de Janeiro, she was soon invited to be Harpy, where she quietly conducted her functions.

She was one of the first of South America to be recruited to the E-Division. Now she is a resident of the Domain of São José dos Campos, under Prince Calton Kalmir.

There again she was recently elected Harpy.

Known History

- Keeper of Elysium, Maldonado - Uruguay (2013-2014)
- Harpy, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil (2016-2017)
- Member of E-Division (2017 - actual time)
- Harpy, São José dos Campos (2018 - actual time)



Philip Pendragon
Ícaro Pompeu de Toledo



Francisco Píria



Enrico de Píria Gonzalo (deceased)
Julio de Marzo (deceased)
Anna Liz

Character Inspirations



“Passam os séculos e os homens, mas repetem-se os fatos e suas causas”. (Caspar Barlaeus)