CJ Concannon

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 3
Domain Iowa City, IA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Kari Podhajsky


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Real Name: Claudia Jean Concannon

Apparent Age: 25

Concept: Polite Political Analyst

Physical description: CJ wears formal gowns to most gathering of luminaries. She has longer than shoulder length hair, constantly pulled and pressed tightly into place. She wears glasses and looks very purposefully put together.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

CJ was embraced in the Pacific Northwest and moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa in the year of 2013. She became Tremere Primogen under Prince Hannibal St. Just and facilitated clan feeding areas. She involved herself in local politics and put the current mayor in office. After a change of praxis she became Seneschal to Prince Helena Russo. She moved to Iowa City in 2016.


Daniel "Mac" McDonald
Helena Russo
Reginald Stratton


Joe McHale


Her sire is deceased and unknown outside of Clan Tremere.


Character Inspirations

CJ Craig, from The West Wing
Polgara, from David Eddings
Princess Cimerone, from Patricia C. Wrede


The Body Electric, Hurray For The Riff Raff
Secret, The Pierces
Celeste, Ezra Vine
Bird, Billie Marten
Sirens, Stranger Cat
Dangerous Days, Zola Jesus
Birth In Reverse, St. Vincent
i believe, Christina Perri


“So let me get this straight, she is a lawyer, a Tremere and into politics? She is the most evil thing to exist.” –Prince Hannibal St. Just


CJ is a "Book Tremere" and is most at home in a library.
CJ was a party animal. After a particularly embarrassing incident she refuses to en-vibe any mind altering substance.
CJ uses sex to accumulate power.
CJ is actually Jenna Hill, a well known political author.
CJ lived her mortal life in the South, under a mortal man who was a Colonel.