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<!--- Please do not use title other then those straight from cannon (e.i. Baron, Sweeper, Keeper, etc...) Links aka [[]]'s are not allowed. --->
<!--- Please do not use title other then those straight from cannon (e.i. Baron, Sweeper, Keeper, etc...) Links aka [[]]'s are not allowed. --->
|Status= Acknowledged, Heroic, Respected, Feared
|Status= 4
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Clan Child of Haqim
Position None
Status 4
Domain Toledo, Ohio
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Road of Heaven 000
Player [parad0xia606@gmail.com Stephen]



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Alias(es): Brother Zeke, The Silver Prophet

Real Name: Ezekiel Kerchev Boshnovich

Apparent Age: Early 30's

Concept: Ex-KGB Turned Faithful

Physical description: Ezekiel is a tall and stocky man. Brown hair and green eyes shows his mottled decent but overall comes across as quite Russian in nationality. Usually wears a button up striped shirt over various t-shirts and blue jeans, though can sometimes be found in full monastic vestments that are a deep ebony with silver inscription.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledge - Prince Marquis Villeneueve
Heroic - Prince Fairefax
Respected - Prince Brandt
Feared - Prince Brandt

Character Information

Known History

Zeke is from an interesting time in History. He has spoken of his time in the Soviet Union as an espionage expert stationed in France during the cold war. During this time he was tasked with intelligence gathering as well as assassinations on key political figureheads. Once embraced and the Soviet Union fell he retained his past contacts but moved to the America's to get away from the corruption of his own organization.

Once in the America's he laid low on the great lakes and set up a gun smuggling operation that garnered him much fortune, while also creating many ties but all of that ended during the year of fire.

Ezekiel has held Sheriff, scourge, and primogens positions as well as helped out in many different challenges between this domain and Cleveland.




Zarka Family of Cleveland
Ali Hatim Marwan
Rishi Massoud
Verrick DeThule
J.T. (Deceased)
Zphonco Davanavich (Deceased)
Rachel Dubhan
CoH's of Cleveland, Cincinatti, and Tampa
Ryan Easley


Mr. Stark (Deceased)







Character Inspirations

Boondock Saints, Assassins Creed, Hellsing


Two steps From Hell - Archangel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ-QLl5qjLg
Kansas - Carry on my Wayward Son http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X_2IdybTV0


"I am a man of faith. Faith guides my blade; I will strike down the wicked. You have not been deemed wicked by the LORD on high, and thus I will show you mercy." - Ezekiels encounter with a hunter.


He puts up a faithful front to get people off his back about his smuggling. This has gotten way out of hand.
Zeke has the ability to turn vampires away with faith.
He is able to give back humanity if you repent before him.
He has gone toe to toe with a greater demon during the year of fire and won...Barely...
Ezekiel and Ryan Easley were once in love, but due to clan differences they were forced apart.
He is not on the path of humanity, but follows an old forgotten Road of Heaven
His aura shows a golden ring and astral angel wings showing his true self as an angelic being.
He secretly moved to the United States because he enjoyed the Country Genre of music so much he was inspired to become a country music star.