Bastion Stone - Deceased

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Clan Toreador
Position Primogen
Status 4+1
Domain Lehigh Valley, PA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Nathan Slygh


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Alias(es): None

Real Name: Bastion Stone

Apparent Age: 25

Concept: Painter

Physical description: About 6 feet tall with brown hair that varies in length from hanging slightly below his shoulders, to a professional clean cut look; Bastion is handsome and generally seems to aim for "rolled out of bed chic" with his wardrobe.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged
  • Loyal by Former Prince Rosco Gordon of Lehigh Valley
  • Revered by Prince Calleigh of The Lehigh Valley
  • Well-Known by Prince Calleigh of The Lehigh Valley
  • Revered Positional

Character Information

Bastion Stone is a famous painter (Fame x 3) from a small town outside of Philadelphia that specializes in Realism in his paintings. He owns many clubs and galleries around the Lehigh Valley area, and is quite fond of acting as something of a patron to young and upcoming artists in the local colleges and universities.

Known History

Bastion Stone first appeared in the Lehigh Valley in December of 2005. He was known to have the occasional glimpse of the future though it seemed more curse than blessing as he was constantly seeing scenes of macabre deaths and killings but usually couldn't piece together just what he saw until it was too late to attempt to change something. After spending a long time consulting with a number of Tremere and Malkavians he managed to get control over his gift with the help of Rishi Massoud and has since become a long standing member of the Lehigh Valley's Primogen Council.

These days Bastion travels on occasion usually to meet with others of his clan and exchange ideas on projects, but just as often as not he stays in the Lehigh Valley indulging in the myriad of crafts that he has picked up as subjects of interest through the years.




Zoe Moreau
Henry Jones
Rishi Massoud


"If I have them they are apparently not speaking up about it."






None known

Character Inspirations

No one in particular


Varies Greatly


"Do not anger Prince Kelly. It's not a good idea." Warning to Toreador visiting the valley.
"I'm supposed to be petty right. Isn't that my clan's thing?" joking around with Marquis Jones.
" Seriously Bastion... Why are you potently scrunching your face? Is it REALLY that bad? " -Rishi talking to Bastion about strange occurances in the valley.


Was/Is a slave trader.

He's a pushover with no political ambition.

The "nice guy" act is just a front to conceal rampant hedonism.

He runs the Primogen Council through blackmail and worse.

He is the longest running Setite infiltrator.

He managed to inadvertently have two consecutive Princes of the Lehigh Valley plot to kill him.

Despite being "dead" is still around somewhere pulling political strings.