Amelia Vadeboncoeur

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Clan Toreador
Position Primogen
Status 5 +1
Domain Phoenix, AZ
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity -
Player Rachel Santoro



  • Amelia Shadow

Real Name: Amelia Vadeboncoeur


Apparent Age: 18 -20

Physical description:

Amelia is a beautiful (Alluring, Elegant, Gorgeous, and Seductive x2) woman with long brown hair and brown eyes with green and gold flecks in them and a pale complexion. She is 5'8" with an hourglass figure.

Player dressed up as Amelia.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged originally granted by Prince Michel du Baine of Cantebury, regranted by Prince Blaze of Stockton

Loyal granted by Prince Cecily Ashenherst of Stockton

Well-Connected granted by Prince Cecily Ashenherst of Stockton



Revered as Primogen

Character Information

Known History

Amelia was embraced in the early 1950's in England. She was a quick study and her sire, Tyra, was influential enough to pull strings and get her acknowledged after a year of accounting.

In 2002 she moved to Stockton California. Since that move Amelia has resided in Stockton, Sacramento and Amador at different times, serving in various court positions within the cities. She has fought in several battles in each city against enemies of the city and sect.

Until 2008 Amelia was a consistent figure in many of the courts in the California Valley, but has sense only been seen publically on rare occasion. Her last held position was Seneschal of Sacramento while Prince Hailey Kincaid held Praxis.

She now is known to live in the Connecticut area

Known Family

  • Thomas Larson
  • Amelia is related to the McGovern family through her biological father- Liam McGovern. Upon his "death" she took the last name he was using when he knew her mother- Vadeboncoeur - in his honor.

Various other McGoverns are related by blood or embrace, though Amelia is not sure of her exact relationship with many of them.


Amelia has multiple allies, often people who do not get along well together. She often has friends on both sides of a conflict.

Many of the those Amelia has allied herself with have died through various means.

Alfonso Cortez (deceased)

Angel LaRouge (deceased)

Blackwood Lennox

Blaze Mondago (deceased)

Bridgette McGovern

Catherine Franklin

Cecile Mondago

Cecily Ashenherst

Hailey Kincaid (deceased)

Jeremiah Chesterfield (deceased)

Jonathon Gray (deceased)

Juan Alvarez (deceased)

Kingston Lennox (deceased)

Morgan Furen

Thomas Larson

Tolliver Mondago (deceased)

Tristan (deceased)

Sebastian Crowe (deceased)

Willow Dugen


No public enemies




Bryan Scott

Dewi Treddnick

Vittorio De Savoy


Jennifer Morris

Character Inspirations

alt text

A few cups history, a tablespoon Annie, a generous helping of music, out of character curiosity, a dash of Marilyn and a sprinkling of Eddie Izzard. Plus a whole lot of good role play and moving story lines with other players!


Music is a passion of Amelia's and she likes a little of almost anything. Below is a very limited sampling.

  • All These Things That I've Done- The Killers
  • Angel Boy- Tim McGraw
  • Angry all the Time- Tim McGraw
  • Bitch- Meredith Brooks
  • Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde
  • Bring Me to Life- Evanescence
  • Breathe (2am)-Anna Nalick
  • Bullet - Hollywood Undead
  • Burn- Jo Dee Messina
  • Call Me When You're Sober- Evanescence
  • Chop Suey- System of a Down
  • Comin' In Hot- Hollywood Undead
  • Counting Stars" - One Republic
  • Crazy- Gnarls Barkley
  • Demons - Imagine Dragons
  • Diamonds- Cover by Steam Powered Girafee
  • Emperor's Clothes- Panic! at the disco
  • Everybody's Fool- Evanescence
  • Feelin' Love- Paula Cole
  • Fighter- Christina Aguilera
  • Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra
  • Gives you Hell- All American Rejects
  • Going Under-Evanescence
  • Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley
  • Hello- Evanescence
  • Hero- Nickleback
  • I Bruise Easily- Natasha Bedingfield
  • I hope you dance- Leanne Womack
  • I Miss You-Blink 182
  • I'm Only Happy When it Rains - Garbage
  • I'm Through with Love Marilyn Monroe
  • In All my Dreams I Drown- Devil's Carnival
  • In the End- Linkin Park
  • Ireland- Garth Brooks
  • I Stand Alone- Godsmack
  • It's my life- No Doubt
  • I want to Break Free- Queen
  • I won't give up - Jason Mraz
  • Just Like a Pill- Pink
  • Killer Queen- Queen
  • Like a Stone- Audio Slave
  • Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men
  • Look What you Made me Do- Taylor Swift
  • Love Song- Sara Bareilles
  • Lacrimosa- Evanescence
  • Lithium- Evanescence
  • Little Girl From Little Rock- Marilyn Monroe
  • Man in the Box- Alice in Chains
  • Mr. Brightside- The Killers
  • Need you Now- Lady Antebellum
  • Not ready to make Nice- Dixie Chicks
  • Personal Jesus- Depeche Mode
  • Possum Kingdom- The Toadies
  • Rolling in the Deep- Adele
  • Running Up That Hill- Placebo
  • Some Nights- fun.
  • Someone like you- Adele
  • Standing Outside the Fire- Garth Brooks
  • Sucker for Pina- Suicide Squad Soundtrack
  • Suddenly I see - K. T. Tunstall
  • Sweet Sacrifice- Evanescence
  • Take me to Church - Hozier
  • The Change- Garth Brooks
  • The Game- Disturbed
  • The Last Song I'm Wasting on You- Evanescence
  • The Show Must Go On- Queen
  • The Song Remembers When- Trisha Yearwood
  • The Thunder Rolls- Garth Brooks
  • They- Jem
  • This is Gospel - Panic! at the Disco
  • Time is on my side- The Rolling Stones
  • Tourniquet- Evanescence
  • Trust Me- Devil's Carnival
  • Underneath it all- No Doubt
  • Under Pressure- Queen
  • Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield
  • Voodoo- Godsmack
  • We are Young- fun.
  • When I Fall in Love- Marilyn Monroe
  • When Love Goes Wrong- Marilyn Monroe
  • Wonderful- Everclear


  • A Bad Goodbye- Clint Black, Wynonna
  • Bathwater- No Doubt
  • Break Even- The Script
  • Broken- Evanescence
  • Closer- Nine Inch Nails
  • Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
  • Fix You- Coldplay
  • Head Over Feet- Alanis Morissette
  • Heartbeats- Jose Gonzalez
  • Pain- Three Days Grace
  • Picture- Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow
  • Portions for Foxes - Rilo Kiley
  • She will be Loved- Maroon Five
  • She Acts Like a Woman Should- Marilyn Monroe
  • Show me Love- Tatu
  • Waiting for the Sun- The Doors

Moulin Rouge

  • Children of the Revolution
  • Come What May
  • Complainte de La Butte
  • Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
  • Elephant Love Song Medley
  • El Tango De Roxanne
  • Hindi Sad Diamonds
  • Lady Marmalade
  • Meet you in the Red Room
  • Nature Boy
  • One Day I'll Fly Away
  • The Show Must Go On
  • Your Song


  • Goodbye Love
  • La Vie Boheme
  • Take me or Leave me
  • Tango Maureen
  • Without You
  • Your Eyes

Tamara Bandcroft

  • Tamara Bandcroft CD
  • Walking Barefoot CD
  • Shattered CD 2013


  • Amelia "I don't keep a calendar based off your sex life Angel"
    • Angel- "If you did it would be rather empty"
  • I have good close friends... and they help. But they tend to die.
  • If I could have one wish it would be that my family be put under a geas to not take praxis of Amador ever again!
  • "If you get yourself killed I am going to have to make a deal with a necromancer to bring you back to life so I can kill you again!" In multiple variations at different times to Gray and Sebastian.
  • Nos Sabbat Elder in San Fransico appears, Amelia promptly pops majesty
    • Nos Elder: I am here, because I want my Pretty back..
      • Amelia drops out of majesty, tries to look inconspicuous
  • "Nothing draws men faster than a woman who says, "You don't want to get close to me." Are you that type of man? Because you really don't want to get close to me."
  • So I should do what you ask because you used a nice tone instead of demanding or threatening me?
  • Sometimes I think... that my caring is a double edged sword of sorts... only opposite. When I cut myself, when I let someone into my heart... somehow they get cut as well...
  • text message to Prince Book: "If I ruin these you owe me another pair of fishnets!"
  • This body? It's a series of good circumstances. My mother's and Liam's genetic DNA, the fact that I was embraced young and toreador before any physical trauma occurred in my life. The ability to heal from damage inflicted in fights. It isn't anything I have earned... It's ... illusion. I like the illusion, I wouldn't change it, but its no less a mask because it is the skin I wake up in.
  • Trouble is brewing here, I feel like I am an island in a sea storm of chaos and I don't know when or if it will hit me directly.


  • Is cursed