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'''Sheriff:''' [[Joe Harrison]], Toreador
'''Sheriff:''' [[Joe Harrison]], Toreador
'''Harpy:''' [[Daniel Corcoran]], Ventrue
'''Harpy:''' [[Asa McGlinchey]], Ventrue
'''Primogen:''' <br>
'''Primogen:''' <br>

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Portland, Maine

Prince: Andrea McDermott, Ventrue

Seneschal: Maximillian Sanlin, Tremere

Keeper of Elysium: Deborah Parker, Toreador

Sheriff: Joe Harrison, Toreador

Harpy: Asa McGlinchey, Ventrue

VACANT, Brujah
Ned, Gangrel
Thomas True, Malkavian
VACANT, Nosferatu
Victoria Halloway, Toreador
Vacant, Tremere
Vacant, Ventrue


For many years held by the Ventrue elder Alaric Dragoon, the City of Portland has gone through a few rapid shifts in power since his mysterious disappearance. After holding the city together for several months as Dragoon's Seneschal, Toreador Joe Harrison eventually claimed Praxis over the city, but lost it just as quickly during a power struggle with Clan Brujah.

Harrison was followed by Jerry Bonard, but Bonard fell during the city's last battle against a Sabbat incursion. Claiming the city just after Adrian Florent's last big bash in Baltimore nearly two years ago, Andrea McDermott seems to have stabilized things for the moment...

But in America, stability is an often an illusion.


The Eastland, before its destruction

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