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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 2
Domain Portland, Maine
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Ryan Gay


Hunter, Photograph by Cameron Gay [1]

Alias(es): None known.

Real Name: Hunter (presumably)

Apparent Age: 30-ish.

Concept: Bite and drop.

Physical description:
Looks just like the player but nothing like his other Characters, except for having permanent fangs.
Always wears a brown Boston Red Sox hat.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Andrea McDermott of Portland, ME, August 2011
Dedicated by Prince Andrea McDermott of Portland, ME, December 2011
Revered as Primogen of Portland, ME, December 2011

Character Information

Known History

Hunter was a bite and drop Embrace, left on the edges of the Camarillan Domain of Portland, ME. Fortunately, he was given the chance to learn the ways of the sect and he quickly earned his Acknowledgement. He has assisted the Domain's Officers in attempting to track down his wayward Sire, but thus far they have been unsuccessful (as far as Hunter knows). When asked about his background he is quick to point out that he grew up in Boston, but has never been there as a Kindred.

Hunter has quickly learned that throwing himself into battle to combat the enemies of the Sect and Domain is a good way to earn his stripes. He has helped bring down two groups of mortal hunters already: one group of paramilitary soldiers working for a rogue Ghoul, and another group of religious zealots with God on their side.

Named Whip and Deputy Sheriff in October, 2011.

Claimed Primogenship in December, 2011.

Assisted in the execution of the Toreador Jack Kovacs, an Apostate of Set in hiding, and pretender to the Toreador Primogenship of Portland, ME




(Clearly the Gangrel in Portland love their single names)
William Harkness
Tony Maietta


None, though he'd love to smack his Sire around a bit, if he could find him.


Unknown. Very bestial though, with primarily lupine or canine features.




None known.

Character Inspirations

Trying not to be my previous Gangrel PC (Matty Evans). This time, I'd like to be in genre.



"I didn't have time to take that raccoon out for a nice dinner." -After using a raccoon to deliver a brick of plastic explosive to the underside of a hunter's SUV, and then surprising the raccoon by triggering the bomb before the critter had time to get clear.

"I hope I can turn into a bear. That would be totally bad-ass."

"Maybe the Malkavian's dreams don't mean anything. Maybe he's just crazy?"


Hunter's Sire may have been a remnant of the Sabbat that had been defeated and driven from Portland just before his Embrace.