Joe Harrison

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 6+2
Domain Portland, Maine
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Carl[1]


Alias(es): Joe
Real Name: Joseph Harrison
Apparent Age: 40's
Concept: God of Rock and Roll
Physical description: Joe stands about 5'8" and a bit heavy. He constantly wears glasses, and has a very grey goatee. Joe has recently begun shaving his head, leaving his goatee. He is usually seen wearing jeans, a t-Shirt and a worn black 3/4 length leather jacket.
Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Former Prince Alaric Dragoon
Admired by Former Prince Alaric Dragoon
Brave by Former Primogen Anya Johanssen
Enduring by Former Prince Jerry Bonard
Feared by Sovereign Prince Andrea McDermott
Valiant by Sovereign Prince Alexander P. Keefe
Dignified as a Dignitary of the Camarilla
August as a Luminary of the Camarilla

Known History

Joe arrived in Portland just after Former Prince Dragoon and his coterie of Elders had defended the city from a Sabbat siege in the mid 90's. For nearly 10 years, Joe was barely seen by the Kindred of the city, as he worked to find his inspiration. Once found, it struck like a lightning bolt, and he and his band, Deathclock, still have fans clubs across the country. But life on the road is not for Kindred, and Joe stepped away from his band to become fully involved in Kindred Society.
Over the course of several years, Joe held the position of Keeper of Elysium and Seneschal, before briefly holding Praxis in the face a renewed Sabbat siege and Former Prince Dragoon's absence. That ended with Elder Jerry Bonard of Clan Brujah, who soon disappeared in the final battle with the Sabbat.
Joe showed no interest in reclaiming Praxis in Jerry's absence, supporting Andrea McDermott's claim. In the years since, Joe has maintained his support of Sovereign Prince McDermott's Praxis, and served for several years as her Sheriff, before stepping down in Fall of 2015. Since stepping down, he has become reclusive, avoiding local gatherings, although he has traveled to regional gatherings.

FAME: 5 (Industrial Musician), Enchanting Voice, Natural Leader, Blush of Health

Toreador Only

Joe is the Paragon of Patrons, the Conservatory dedicated to Artists.



Deborah Parker
David Weiss
Ruth Stivaldi
Isabella Visconti
Marcus Jovan

Carter Voss Deceased


Sire: Unknown, but Joe has referred to his sire as a female.
Broodmates: None Known
Childer: None Known

Character Inspirations


  • What a Wonderful World, Ministry
  • New World Order, Ministry
  • Veteran of the Psychic Wars, Blue Oyster Cult
  • Buried Alive, Dropkicks Murphys
Joe at Glitter and Gloom 2016


  • By Joe
    • "My sire told me..."
    • "My Sire's Rule 17. If you ever find yourself in a triangle formed by 3 trees, get out of there."
    • "My Sire was not a good Camarillan."
    • "I have stood upon a stage before tens of thousands as they chanted my name."
  • About Joe
    • "Despite everything happening remember the most important detail here. This, all of this is Joe's fault." -Carter Voss

Other Inspirations

Al Jourgensen
Henry Rollins
Peter Steele
David Bowie
Johnny Cash
Leonardo DaVinci
Nikola Tesla


  • Obligatory Rumor of being a Setite. Just getting it out of the way.
  • Joe has donated several pieces of jewelry to the charity auctions at the Glitter and Gloom gatherings in Baltimore.
  • Joe has given out rose pins to members of Clan Toreador at several gatherings.
  • Joe likes to maintain loudly that he's enjoying his retirement.
  • Joe is, in fact, enjoying his retirement.
  • Doth the Toreador protest too much? IS he really enjoying his retirement?
  • Joe is secretly stiffer than most Ventrue. No one has ever seen him really let loose.