Carter Voss

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 2
Domain Portland, Maine
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Nicholas G.


Carter in Baltimore 2015
Alias(es): Isaac Di Mazi, Isaac Carter Voss, I. Carter Voss, I. C. V.
Real Name: Isaac Carter Fawkes di Mazi
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Concept: Artist on the rise.
Physical description: Overweight and balding, He wears cargos, a Captain America t-shirt, flannel shirt and a photographer's vest with nerd buttons across it's breast.
Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Clinton Erickson of Trenton NJ
Dedicated by Sovereign Prince Andrea McDermott of Portland, ME

Known History

For an individual who speaks a lot and at great length, very little information can be gleamed about his past. However astute listeners will pick out factoids occasionally which imply that the Toreador is young having only been among society since the 1990s, and most of that spent as a hermit. Shortly after coming to Portland, ME he was made Primogen of his city and a well known staple of Sovereign Prince Andrea McDermott's domain. Most would recognize him for being selected randomly by Justicar Patronus to talk at Conclave to the young Rose's obvious displeasure.

As of August 2015 - Carter has stepped down from all positions and is currently a Civilian in Prince McDermott's domain.

As of February 2016 - Carter has stepped up to the position in Sheriff of Portland, ME.

As of June 2016 - Carter created a group to discuss the "Forgotten Ones" situation that is cross clan, cross city.

FAME x 2: Known as a successful Independent Comic Book Writer/Artist. Further his recent work with the Portland Recovery Operation (P.R.O.) has shown he is quite a philanthropist.


Sheriff Alex Al-Salim of Lewiston ME

Kilroy President of Northeast Mayhem
Michael Gunn VP of Northeast Mayhem
Former Allies
Sovereign Prince Andrea McDermott of Portland, ME
Seneschal Deborah Parker
Joe Harrison
Toreador Whip David Weiss


Sire: Leandra Di Mazi
Broodmates: Sophia Di Mazi, Magdalena Di Mazi
Childer: Katja Morris

Character Inspirations


  • All About It. ~ Hoodie Allen ft. Ed Sheeran
  • All I can do is write about it." ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Behind Blue Eyes ~ The Who
  • Black Cadillac ~ Shinedown
  • Centuries ~ Fallout Boy
  • Counting Stars ~ One Republic
  • Dreamer ~ Ozzy Osbourne
  • Hallelujah ~ Panic at the Disco
  • Lydia ~ Highly Suspect
  • No Easy Way Out ~ The Protomen Cover
  • Snuff ~ Slipknot
  • Sorrow ~ Bad Religion
  • Stage Fright ~ The Band
  • Superman's Song ~ Crash Test Dummies.
  • Take me to Church ~ Hozier
  • The Pretender ~ Foo Fighters
  • Working Class Hero ~ Green Day Cover
  • You're gonna go far kid. ~ The Offspring
  • Heathens ~ Twenty One Pilots
  • Welcome to the Black Parade. ~ My Chemical Romance
  • Somebody Make a Move. ~ Icon for Hire
  • Emperor's new Clothes. ~ Panic at the Disco


  • By Carter
    • "Despite everything happening remember the most important detail here. This, all of this is Joe's fault."
    • "After meeting him I am a bit curious, are Fang Condoms a thing? If not can we pay the Wizards to make some...Christ."
    • "I've seen Star Trek, we just hug it out and this Bane thingy will leave us alone."
    • "I wonder who the Justicar wants to talk to...shit." - Carter as he was chosen to speak at Conclave in 2015 by the Toreador Justicar.
    • "I just helped blow up a church...I am such a shitty Catholic."
    • "A pissed off dickless werewolf. What do you think would happen?" - in reference to a new drug made by Trevor Kilroy
  • About Carter

Other Inspirations

  • Fictional Characters
    • Spider Jerusalem ~ Transmetropolitan
    • Drummer ~ Planetary
    • Vincent Van Gogh ~ Doctor Who - Vincent and The Doctor
    • Banky Edwards ~ Chasing Amy
    • Nick Carraway ~ The Great Gatsby
  • Non Fictional Artists


  • Carter is a Pacifist.
  • Carter clings to Humanity like a born again or recovering addict.
  • Carter is said to have stared down a Babylonian God and it fled.
  • Carter once was the only one to stay standing when all others knelt to a Settite...then hit him with a table.
  • Carter believes the act of creation is in itself, an art.
  • Carter hates Parker Thomas a young Nosferatu.
  • Carter has Social Anxiety Disorder.
  • Carter spent a decade as a Hermit away from Kindred...watching DVR.
  • Carter created anti-Presence "Popculturese." It is a reverse Summon, by talking he makes people walk away.
  • Carter recently turned down an offer as Lesser Harpy to Daniel Corcoran publicly.
  • Carter is rumored to really be an Anarch.
  • Carter is rumored to be an Apostate.
  • Carter is believed to be in a relationship with the local Seneschal.
  • Carter recently went through a "mind purge" conducted by a Ventrue Elder that killed the real him.
  • Carter recently lost humanity due to burning a Mage alive...he seems unrepentant.
  • Carter is currently becoming drug addled and a drunk reveling in hedonistic attitudes.
  • Carter had his mind shattered by an Elder Malkavian as an experiment.
  • Carter is the Patient Zero of the Forgotten Ones infection, his group The Occult Analysts is a ploy to find those with knowledge and destroy them.
  • Carter piloted a ship into a green glowing whirlpool with "Immigrant Song" by led Zeppelin blaring and was caught in an explosion, his ghost has been seen. He is presumed destroyed.