Sage X

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Clan Nosferatu
Position ???
Status 2
Domain Cedar Rapids, IA
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Courtney Said


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Real Name:

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Concept: The slightly eccentric sidekick. She works safely in the background (from the sewers or Elysium) to provide information and any other help without actually putting herself in physical danger.

The (slightly naive) little sister of clan Nosferatu.

Physical description:

Sage has bright red, frizzy hair that she often “tames” by wearing a black ball cap. She’s usually seen in jeans, an ugly over shirt she stole from Murray, and shoeless. She almost always wears sunglasses and has a large Mt. Dew or energy drink in hand. She brings a laptop with her everywhere she goes.

Unmasked, she is very obviously the victim of a mauling. Her body is covered with open bite marks of varying sizes [ooc: permanent wound]. She “inherited” a huge, gaping maw from her sire which is full of slightly sharpened teeth. If she is presenting herself unmasked, she will cover her wounds in gauze and tape. For the few that have seen her without her sunglasses, she has beautiful, bright green eyes, the only part of her that remained unchanged after her embrace.

Sage’s mask appears unremarkable, though her mouth seems unproportionally large (ooc: think Julia Roberts). The only exception is her eyes, which she leaves unchanged.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Murray X
Resourceful by Prince Lena!

Character Information

Known History

Murray introduced Sage to the domain of Cedar Rapids shortly after granting her Acknowledgement, in February 2012.




Murray x
Ben Churchhill




Murray x



Character Inspirations

Abby from NCIS
Garcia from Criminal Minds
Angela from Bones


Johnny Cash - Cut you down
Foo Fighters - There goes my hero
Ella Fitzgerald – It don’t mean a thing
Miranda Lambert – House that built me
Disturbed – Down with the sickness
Stone Sour - Through the glass
Carrie Underwood - Blown Away

Quotes from Sage

Murray: Abby could do it! [after requesting Sage to "uncrop" a photo]
Sage: Abby isn't a real person, and she doesn't do real science.

"The good thing about being part of clan Nosferatu is that it's like being in a family full of big brothers! The bad thing is that...well, it's like being in a family full of big brothers..."

"I generally don't like light that's any brighter than my computer screen."

After explaining the definition of Trolling: “For more examples of trolling, see Prince Murray. He’s the trolliest of trolls.”

Quotes about Sage

"Yep, she's my kid. She's like Abby from NCIS mixed with Angelina Jolie from Hackers. But fucking hideous, of course." -Murray_x


Has recently re-discovered her faith.

Shut off Murray's cable and internet connection after he compared her to Abby.

Doesn't use electronics she doesn't build herself.

May possibly be trying to build an Iron Man suit.

Has a tendency to ask too many questions.

Embraced because Murray watched too much NCIS.

Is not really an X.