Max Illaria

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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 1
Domain Los Angeles
Coterie Unknown
Society None
Path Humanity -
Player Scott


Max Illaria circa 1962

Name: Max Illaria

Apparent Age: Late 20's or early 30's

Concept: Feral Perfumer

Physical description: Max is a fairly tall, dark man that looks to have been Embraced in his late 20's or early 30's. He's a rather stylish Kindred, especially for a Gangrel. Max wears horn-rim glasses, the clothes that he wears are always in shades of black and grey, and most of his wardrobe has been made for him. No matter where he's going, or how he's dressed, Max always smells incredible, and typically wears scents rich with musk. Given that he's a perfumer, this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Although Max isn't remarkably good looking, he has an air of animalistic sex appeal and seductive charm. Part of this is confidence, some of it is the way he moves. He's extremely comfortable with body contact and close proximity. His voice is low and smoky, and he doesn't make any effort to cover up his Brooklyn accent.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged by Prince Villon of Paris on June 3rd, 1967.

Known History

Max Illaria was born in the mid 1930's. He was raised in Brooklyn, but not many details of his living years are known. Apparently, he doesn't like to speak about his youth. He traveled from New York to France in the late 1950's, and found work in perfume production with the house of Dana. In a matter of years, Max became close with the head of product design, Jean Carles, and he was soon promoted from production to design.

Max's Sire, Hyacinth DeNez, is known as a nearly unrivaled tracker, as well as an obsessive aficionado of perfume. Her lineage are known for their gifted noses, and Max is no exception. After watching Max develop his talents, Hyacinth secured the right to Embrace him in the early 60's. There are rumors that Max awakened from the Kiss faster than Hyacinth expected, and his Sire became the target of his first frenzy. Hyacinth doesn't like to speak about this rumor, and visibly withdraws when and if it's brought up.

Though Max, his broodmates Lilly and Pete, and Hyacinth each worked tirelessly to defend the region of Grasse against incursions by the Lupines, the few Gangrel of France are treated like lowly guard-dogs. They're tolerated, but never invited to the table, or given respect. Max has allies within the court of Paris and scattered across France, but he was never able to be taken seriously. Rumor has it that Max's social woes stretch back to the Battle of Versailles in 1973. Max worked on fragrances for both Anne Klein and Bill Blass. He attended the event, and reveled in how the American designers stole the show from the established fashion houses of France. The Parisian court supposedly turned their ire over the loss of face at Max, and despite over fifty years of dedicated service, he never gained any standing in France beyond his meager acknowledgement. Frustrated, he returned to the United States in 2019.


Hyacinth deNez


Lilly Blanche

Pete Moss

Character Inspirations

Fred Ward and Uma Thurman's performances in "Henry and June."

The smell of civetone.

Mid-Century Modern style.




  • Max arose from his Embrace swiftly, and attacked his Sire during his first frenzy. According to rumor, she transformed into a bird in an attempt to escape, and he shot her down with a revolver.
  • Max sometimes loses control of himself, and starts sniffing like a wild animal.
  • Max smokes when he's anxious.
  • Max wears a ring, but he's not married. No Kindred knows why he wears it. If asked, he'll say is that it isn't his, that he doesn't know who's it was, or he'll say that it's none of your business.
  • Despite his age, Max has a deep love for contemporary club culture.
  • Max habitually sprays himself with far too much cologne. To Kindred using Auspex, the effect can be overwhelming!
  • Max has a distaste for Elizabeth Taylor, and is still mad about how one of the fragrances he created was marketed with her name on it.