Joe Ledger

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Unknown
Status 1
Domain Kenosha, WI
Coterie Unknown
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Johnny


The one Called Joe as a Child

Alias(es): None have currently been associated with the one known as Joe Ledger

Real Name: Only Known as Joe Ledger

Apparent Age: Hard to tell

Concept: Twisted Mentor/Dark Prophet

Physical description: Joe takes many forms, but most often he is found in the body of nondescript white male.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged By Mikhail Schueller

Character Information

Known History

Kindred history doesn’t indicate for certain when and where Joe Ledger began.

There was once a Joe Ledger embraced in the late 18th century in a small village in Haiti during a tumultuous time in that country’s history.

There in currently a Joe Ledger in the Camarilla, but he talks about his embrace in only the most abstract terms. All he has said is that he was in service to another for quite some time until a vengeful Nosferatu enacted his revenge on would-be sire, poaching him.

Not much else is known about this Joe Ledger until his acknowledgement in to the Camarilla in the 20th century.

Joe Ledger, since his admittance in to the Camarilla, has proclaimed himself the sole kindred scholar of a mysterious phenomenon, that which he calls the fundamental rule of law that governs civilized society. After finishing his exhaustive studies in secret, he feels he has finally mastered his law, and can apply his research to a broad variety of complex and interesting fields.

Along with his extensive studies into the Kindred and Human condition, the one currently known as Joe Ledger has established himself as an emerging player in the information trade. While his obsession with his research consumes much of his time, he can be a very powerful ally to have, that is, if you can stand to be around him for any length of time.


  • Steven "Boston" Delucci (deceased)
  • Alex Masterson (deceased)
  • Jeff Greenwell (deceased)
  • Maggie Hintz (deceased)
  • Kelly V Elkove (deceased)
  • Alan Peschel (deceased)


  • Steven "Boston" Delucci (deceased)
  • Alex Masterson (deceased)
  • Jeff Greenwell (deceased)
  • Maggie Hintz (deceased)
  • Kelly V Elkove (deceased)
  • Alan Peschel (deceased)


Unsure, there was this other guy interested in him for a while, but he missed his chance.


None Kindred


None that passed their "test"

Character Inspirations

The Waste Land by T.S. Elliot
He by H.P. Lovecraft



From Joe

  • "Do you know yourself?"
  • "Not only do you not know yourself fully, I question if you even know your fucking name at this point. So take a seat and try, TRY to learn something before you get lost in your own haven."

About Joe

  • "That could be the most disturbing and creepy thing I have ever heard, and I am a Tremere"
    - Elias Winters


  • Joe is rumored to have around 200 "students" he is teaching, and by students he means children, and by teaching he means torturing to show them what fear really is.
  • Joe is actually pronounced 'So', as in Socrates. No, Joe isn't Socrates, don't be silly; he just took the name of his Mentor in his honor. (To be fair, several sources do describe Socrates as being really, really ugly)
  • A thin-blooded seer once took one look at Joe and declared she'd have nothing to do with him; claimed that he was going to fall into wassail soon and never come out of it, and that she didn't want to be anywhere near the place when he did.
  • While Joe's name only commands a single measure of standing, the more elite in political circle pay this man great respect. No one knows why or what he has on them.
  • Joe speaks and commands the dead.
  • Joe has often spoke of being hunted, but no one is really sure by whom or what he is referencing.
  • Word on the street is Joe has a library of teachers for just about any discipline you want or need. Even the bad ones.