James Michael Lowell

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 2
Domain Peora, IL
Coterie N/A
Society N/A
Path Humanity 000
Player Rick Starkweather


James Michael Lowell - 01.png

The Reverend

Real Name: James Michael Lowell

Apparent Age: Twenty-four

Concept: Stage magician and occult debunker.

Physical description: In his mid-twenties, James usually wears a long coat and top hat over a decent pair of slack and button-down shirt. He's almost always seen fidgeting with something in his hands, be it playing cards or a large coil.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged, Dedicated

Character Information

Known History

Born in the 1900s near Detroit, MI, James grew up idolizing Harry Houdini. By the time he was sixteen, he was practicing card tricks and other slight of hand forms of prestidigitation, making a small living to help his family. His mother grew ill and died of pneumonia not long after, or so James thought. His father grew obsessed, claiming something about a secretive cult that had murdered her. It drove his father to madness and then suicide. This led James to attempt to debunk these so-called cults. Unfortunately for him, his investigations led him to the local Tremere chantry.
Before he could investigate the premises to closely, he heard a man tell him to go home. It seemed a wise course of action, so he did. To his astonishment, his mother was there, waiting. She explained that she was given a choice, to kill him or to bring him to work for the vampires that she was now one of.
James, of course, took the logical choice.
While not schooled by or embraced by his mother, she was present for some of his studies and there during his embrace.
James moved around the country after his acknowledgment, assisting in preserving the masquerade. As of late, he's been a citizen of Peoria, IL, and once served as seneschal. Now he tours America where he can, delighting courts with his stage show.


Prince Jonathon Hammer
Prince BW

Character Inspirations

Penn Jillette
Rehvenge from J.R. Ward's "Lover Avenged"


"Shape of My Heart" by Sting
"Voodoo" by Godsmack
"Megalovania" by Toby Fox
"Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva
"The Show Must Go On" by Queen


"Pick a card, any card."
"I make a business of making the impossible improbable."


James had once been a seneschal but had to step down due to familial obligations.
James owns a club in Peoria, IL called "Vice" and has the nickname of "The Reverend" while in it.
James recently was chastised by an elder of his family to the rest of his clan but has worked to improve himself since.
James has a PhD in Optical Physics.
James has several illusions that mimic powers of the blood for Masquerade purposes that have only been shone to kindred.