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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 2
Domain L/A, ME
Coterie Go
Society None
Path Humanity O
Player Go!


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Real Name: Go!

Apparent Age: Mid-20s

Concept: Enjoys the Game, Win or Lose

Physical description: American male, tall, brown hair, beard, a little sleepy looking. Usually seen wearing a kilt, t-shirt, and chess socks with no shoes. Has a bag full of games.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged (Maisie Ardgall, Prince of Edinburgh)
Playful (Miranda O'Connor, Primogen of Edinburgh

Character Information

Known History

Welcome to Go! Go has many meanings: to begin, to leave, to try, to function, to compliment, to urinate, to approve, and much more. It can mean almost anything! It also means ‘a small stone’ in Japanese. Isn’t that all we are; small stones used in a game of tactics and strategy? That’s what I have become and I accept who I am. I am Go.

Be mindful of who gets to go first. In many games, especially solved ones, the first move has a distinct advantage and a much higher statistical probability of winning. Winning doesn’t matter. Playing the game is the thrill, the lesson, the experience, and the reward. Have fun.


  • Friend Gary (Never met him but he's the best!)
  • Friend Jim (He helps me sometimes and drinks not-milkshakes.)
  • Friend Cecilia (She is so creepy and fun! And pink!)
  • Friend Tobin (I hear he turns into a tiger!)
  • Frenemy Prince Rufus (I like his farm and his animals, but he made Friend Cecilia cry so he's a jerk, too.)
  • Nash (He's the goodest boy.)


  • MMO games - Go avoids MMOs much like the tragic action hero avoids guns because they “take him to a dark place”.


Miranda O'Connor ((NPC))

Character Inspirations

I’ve always loved games. They always require a mental engagement, usually a social interaction, and sometimes a physical one as well. Games are life. Life is like a game. It has a setup, rules, a board, and lots of players. It requires strategy and guile. Life, though, doesn’t offer a sense of finality. There’s no winner. You either live forever and the game never ends, or you meet oblivion and experience no sense of conclusion, winning or losing. The games I love, though, have a conclusion. You win, lose, or draw to your heart’s desire. You can play again or choose a new game.


 1. New - No Doubt
 2. Steal My Sunshine- Len
 3. Magic Carpet Ride (Steir's Mix) - Philip Steir
 4. Troubled By The Way We Came Together - Natalie Imbruglia
 5. Gangster Tripping- Fatboy Slim
 6. Cha Cha Cha - Jimmy Luxury & The Tommy Rome Orchestra
 7. Song For Holly - Esthero
 8. Fire Up The Shoesaw - Lionrock
 9. To All The Lovely Ladies (Radio Mix) - Goldo
 10. Good To Be Alive - DJ Rap
 11. Believer - BT
 12. Shooting Up In Vain (T-Ray Remix) - Eagle-Eye Cherry
 13. Talisman - Air French Band
 14. Swords - Leftfield


C - (to J) "Like drinking vomit?"
J - "You told her!? Well, it wasn't technically vomit."
Go - "That's what I said!"