Floki Wayaunole

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Clan Nosferatu
Status 6
Domain La Crosse, WI
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity Template:6dots
Player Floki Wayaunole


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Alias(es): 50rtU1v (fave x3 hacker)

Real Name: Floki Wayaunole

Apparent Age: 30 - 40


Physical description:

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged in Marshfield, WI.
Received 'Well Connected' from Prince Saif Al Din for his part helping with hunters coming to town.
Received 'Loyal' from Prince Saif Al Din for his part in defending the Gathering site from Sabbat attackers.
Received 'Judicious' from Prince Warren DeMontegue for his decision to leave the Gathering site to help fight Garou for the good of the domain.
Received 'Resourcefull' from Prince Warren DeMontegue for his coordination of influence attacks against combined BSD influences.
Received 'Industrious' from Primogen James Blaylock for his part in solving a problem with the Sabbat.

Character Information

Known History

Acknowledged in Marshfield, WI. Moved to La Crosse, WI in March, 2015.

Reigning Midwinter Sweater Champion after winning it in 2016.

Was Harpy of La Crosse in 2015 thru 2016.







Character Inspirations



This is Scout. He's very useful. That's why he's still alive.

Can I have that?

This is Raymond. He's very well behaved, and he gives the best kisses.

I can help dispose of that body.

This is Fourth. Sometimes I'm lazy and name them in the order that I snack.

I think this sweater makes me look very official. When I tell people that I'm the Harpy of La Crosse, they reply, "Of Course You Are."

This is Merlin. He's very wise.